[Quote]nice point. hopefully its also the beginning of rethinking the blog format. the most frustrating thing about reading shit online now is that you have all the columns full of other article links and ads that distract from the content. this is why i like reading the posts on hb because there are no ads on the sides of threads.

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[Quote]they own at least 15 blogs, including slamxhype, 2dopeboyz, alhiphop, selectism, sneakernews, thehoopdoctors, etc

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Move to an African city like Joburg, Cairo, Lagos, or Nairobi, some place in South America or Asia. This is where the future is, opportunity in the Euro-America is becoming slimmer and slimmer, most firms are doing projects in other parts of the world anyway.

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Is it just me or have all the blogs that I used to love become stale or co-opted by Complex or some other media company? I woke up this morning to check out some of the blogs I used to love: HighSnobiety, Selectism, Streetetiquette, SlamXHype and they've become annoyingly the same, pushing the same pseudo-dope products, all with menus with some variation of "Art, Fashion, Technology, Lifestyle, Footwear, Design, StreetLife Media, Culture, Kulture, etc. Is it dunzo? All have the same navigation format or grid layout, all run variations on the same ads, all sacrifice content for page views? I love Monocle, but even their website/blog sucks, hella cluttered and annoying to navigate. Are we slowly witnessing the death of the blogs? Are there any blogs that you read faithfully for well-written content? I get my news from NPR or Huffington post and even this is becoming annoying. Fuck. I'm tired of blogs. Thoughts?  PS. If I see the word "curate" again, I'm done.

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[Quote]i think the price is worth it tho

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[Quote]i love the MIJs, though i hear you about the taper, i still prefer them to the MII

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[Quote]how do they determine which to accept/reject?

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[Quote][Image] do you think A.P.C. would accept one of these as butler's? I am thinking about copping these on eBay--keeping one pair and flipping the other pair to get half-off some new ones through the butler system. More pics at this link:  [URL]

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[Quote]i lived in tampa for a hot min, wasn't bad, but i don't miss it.

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[Quote]crazy dope, so good!

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forget bout dr. dre, defff!!

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^^^^^ dope, thanks for posting.

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2 pairs of socks might be cool in the winter,but in the summer this can be really uncomfortable. i say go .05 down.

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[Quote]try searching flickr for a pic, or checking on ebay for completed auctions if none are currently being sold--as in do an advanced search on ebay for "air max" and put 2010 in the date field. good luck.

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