Yo enough of this rubbish shit thats been posted. Its time you fools woke up to see the light. Yall got knowledge(of sorts) but when it comes to wisdom lets just say, (yall dont know when to shut up and look at your foolishness). This is a clothing website(although vein) it is still a creation of our artistic expression. Now im down for positive opinion, but all you guys do is demean a person expression not only when it comes to clothing but who they are as humans. In the catholic tradition they say "for every lie that you tell yourself, you move closer and closer Sa-Tan." So word up lets join together and just be real like the old street wear. All of it was good as long as it was your "STILLO". (NOT THAT SHIT YOU YOUNG BUCKS KEEP TRYING TO FRONT ON). Just a word of advice wearing supreme polo or whatever the fuck is popular with todays robot generation, does mean you have STEEZ or a STILLO. It means your walking with a dick in your anus for that company. Because while they continue to fuck you over for that 70 dollar hanes t shirt you bring more and more money to them, while losing the money you worked for and more importantly your soul. CAUSE YOU SOLD IT FOR THAT SHIRT. peace love SUPREME.....Just Jokingblushing

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Yo HB i want that raw uncut real hip hop. underground, midground,upper ground. Shit i dont care long as its that real shit. Violance...eh maybe not so much. But if the story is on that Jesus Of Nazerath steelo post it. Tryna liberate the Zune from all my old jawns and re up with some oldies but goodies.

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Am I the only one pissed at the situation America and the rest of the world is in? I look at the Gulf/BP thing happening and find myself tight at these coorp execs and fucking dick head politicions getting on TV and giving us a honey smile but really inside these nigs are sour as vinger. Fucking fuck tards front like they give a fuck about those people and animals suffering. I know and many others know they dont. Fucking dick wads care about their worthless ass money and thats it. These people who we have given power to have no fucking compassion for life at all. Like how can a President be pro life, but pro war? Shit doesnt make since to me. I could go on forever, I really do wish Americans and Earthlings get the fuck off their knees and quit sucking their tv's and false egos dick.

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whats up with a 4th of july meet up? Ran into to Mos out of the blue a couple days ago, we need to do this again. Last summer was alright. whats good?

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To be a free black mind. Sitting here pondering that very statment. "To Be A free Black Mind". In a world where my existance is seen as a mistake, I wonder what it means to be this free black mind. To rest in silence away from the bass of the howling elite, monotones of the deslont lower classes. Oh to be a free black mind. Maybe then my anticipation of more would subdue. Entering this realm where my life is elevated, where my sights are no longer jaded by false renditions of Van Goe. To be a "TRUE" free black mind in a world where deception is all. Where my rights are in truth a Denial. A denial of who I am of who I wish to be, and most importantly where I wish to be. Ah! yes to be a "Free Black Mind". I would give my birth and my rebirth. I would give the very fingers I type this with. Oh to be be free, to be a free black mind. The riches I would give. All in one pot I would climb the steepest mountains, I would travel the furthest miles. All just to be a free black mind. Someday my search will amount to this, until then Ill be here, swaying and withering away with time -Peace

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Yo I swear Asians, or at least the ones in NYC always have fucking cameras. It has not been one time where i have seen an asian without a camera. these nigs is like the popz or something. stay capturing everything. nigs will stop in the middle of traffic to take a picture of a NYPD officer, these nigs are so hard body with their photography that the china man who delivered my pizza(oddly enough) had a camera. Yo wtf is up? is this like blacks with our basketball white people with their apple pie and so on? i mean got damn SONY,KODAK,CANON,AND NIKON are caking it cause of Asians lol

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real talk im tired of spending 80 dollars for t shirts that only have a fucking picture on them or some wack as popular street wear label tucked under the tag. im about to just start waering denims, plain tees, jordans and vans. them shits are sooooo much cheaper and more comforable. i have no problem with a 5 dollar tee shrinking but when i spend 80 dollars on fucking shirt and i cant wash that shit more than 3 times, ohhh hellll the fucccckk no. never again nqqqas never again. besides bitches really seem to like when i have on those paul stuart suits. defly cop a few fellas.

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in the wake of my old roommate moving to baltimore and leaving me to stay with this faggot ass nig i will be moving out. so im looking for a new roomie. i dont give a fuck about your personal life style just keep the restroom and kitchen clean and we good money. also u gotta tolerate weed cause i will be smoking a large amount,you wont know though cause im mad clean with it always outside or by the window. if a nig is tryna go 500 to 600 with me holla. oh and if someone got a couch i can crash on till thursday holla. cause im gonna end up stuffing this nigs body into a gym bag. get at me.

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I dont get it mayne. I really dont understand the love this niqga gets on here. i listened to his born like this cd last night and was absolutly irritated beyond belief. this nigs flow was way off. i though nas couldnt follow a beat,this muthafucka takes it to astronomical levels. its like the nig is tone def. he generally just anal rapes every beat(not in the good way like in a michael jackson white van preditor type rape). and not to mention his bars arent even that good. this nig complains about how he dont have a record deal cause record execs cant handle his flow, nah negro your flow is ass!!!!

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This has to be the best goddamn thing in the whole fucking world. I was fucking around with my girl this weekend and discovered this. After some research on the interwebs I've discovered bitches in general love this shit(especially Jada Fire). When it first happened I thought my girl pissed on me. I was like eeewww trick wtf!! then I noticed it didnt have the smell of freshly released urinal exchange so i was like aight whatever. but then i looked at her and this bitches thighs were having a seizure. she was like shaking and shit like muhammed ali. i ask her what happened and she like she dont know. Still i was doubting this bitch discovered the holy grail of orgasims and she really had just pissed all in my mouth. so i had to call my big homie and tell him. this ***** gave me JADA FIREs name and a term for it. "SQUIRTING" niQgas they say this shit is like cumming for the first time after not jacking off for 6 months times 10.

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I myself happen to be an avid marijuana consumer. I would certainly say I love Mary ever so much. However my girl and my wacker than wack friends believe I make weed a priority. Now I myself happen to smoke weed cause I really dont give a fuck about the problems in my friends life so when im high it makes it atleast feasable to hear them bicker about life. Now every night I go home turn on this bob marley cd i have(has like mad hip hop mash ups fucking gnarly) and proceed to light some herb. I tell ya its like a little chunk of heaven right in my room. Then after I smoke I walk to this bodega and cop a tuna and egg sandwhich on two slices of wheat with a gatorade ice and bag of 1.99 cheetos(so delicious). Now do you guys see anything wrong with that? Im not like a herb I still go out and go to work,school,party and that other shit but i happen to enjoy weed more. Is there anything wrong with that?

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fucking females always find a way to overspend for x-mas while my leaving me feeling cheep and worthless. my girl copped me some jays,a 360 and this photography book, while my cheep ass only got her a 50 dollar journal lol. am alone feeling that bitches need to chill and quit making *****s work so hard on christmas?

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Helgen why did you leave mayne? the city aitn been the same without u. no one fun to drink and smoke with. hb Im tryna kick it whats up with a meet up? lol

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So im chilling in my room and the lady i rent the room from just tried to run game on me. She was like "why you going out tonight why not stay here with me,my cover is big enough" Im just like WTF?????? Shes mad fine,but i aint tryna get caught up. should I smash or not? What yall think?

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For the life of me I cant understand why this dude doesnt get more play around here and the industry. Dude is fucking nice. one of the most lyrical mc's out there. Dude is nice. His range is deeper than texas too. My mom can spit about anything/

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