the chemicals in those lighters are terrible. get some hemp cord to smoke with really worth the investmant if your down with the god plant. plus you leave no trash behind to ruin our precioud mother Earth.

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So basically yall posted a bunch of white girls with brown skin! Good job at reinforcing eurocentricity.

Replied in The Official Black Females Thread, 2 Weeks ago in Off Topic [QUOTE]heriff in the ancient Egyptian was a law-giver and his badge was always a six-pointed star which is a symbol of Saturn. US Sheriffs in the wild west up to today still wear the six-pointed star. It is interesting that Saturn

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Yo enough of this rubbish shit thats been posted. Its time you fools woke up to see the light. Yall got knowledge(of sorts) but when it comes to wisdom lets just say, (yall dont know when to shut up and look at your foolishness). This is a clothing website(although vein) it is still a creation of our artistic expression. Now im down for positive opinion, but all you guys do is demean a person expression not only when it comes to clothing but who they are as humans. In the catholic tradition they say "for every lie that you tell yourself, you move closer and closer Sa-Tan." So word up lets join together and just be real like the old street wear. All of it was good as long as it was your "STILLO". (NOT THAT SHIT YOU YOUNG BUCKS KEEP TRYING TO FRONT ON). Just a word of advice wearing supreme polo or whatever the fuck is popular with todays robot generation, does mean you have STEEZ or a STILLO. It means your walking with a dick in your anus for that company. Because while they continue to fuck you over for that 70 dollar hanes t shirt you bring more and more money to them, while losing the money you worked for and more importantly your soul. CAUSE YOU SOLD IT FOR THAT SHIRT. peace love SUPREME.....Just Jokingblushing

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Americans are the dumbest population of people on this planet.

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First thing that must be noted is that Bush wasnt in control, Someone controlled him. From the looks of it, it seems Cheny was in charge of much of Washington during Bush's tenure. Today Barack Obama aka Barry Soetero aka whatever he/it is. Is not in control either. He makes no desicions. Biden or one of his many advisors are more than likely to be pulling the strings. However its pretty tough to say who runs the Illuminati/Columbian/Bavarion/Washington cesspit. Rest asure it is not the Executive Officer. As for 2012, whoever the puppet masters want to bring in will be president. If you honestly believe your one little vote determines the presdient of the United States,be honest. Ask yourself right now, if your really qualified to choose a president? If the thing which you believe is the truthful answer is what I believe, NO. So go figure what the heads in charge think of you and I. As they call us "Gyuam" and or "cattle".

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Oh and guess who owns the patent company?....ready for this????.................... The illuminati!!!! Lol

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The problem is, once marijuana is legalized the cooperations will be "allowed" to by up the marijuana. Dont believe me look at what Monsanto has done to seeds in this country. There isnt a goddamn seed you can buy in this country and grow without permission from Monsanto. How is that a cooperation is able to control our food? They all (being the illuminati) work together. By marijuana being legalized we the people now lose control over the quality, strains, price, and much more. You think a nickle bag is hitting your pockets? Wait till your paying 30 dollars for some shit that is no stronger than the worst of your regs or greens. You think the California government really cares about the people? Shit this is another agenda by the FEDS to enforce further errosion of personal choice. This country is going to hell quick, if not already there. BIGGER PICTURE FOLKS!!!!!

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Yo HB i want that raw uncut real hip hop. underground, midground,upper ground. Shit i dont care long as its that real shit. maybe not so much. But if the story is on that Jesus Of Nazerath steelo post it. Tryna liberate the Zune from all my old jawns and re up with some oldies but goodies.

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[Quote] this is 99 tuff. fucks with it >smh

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this thread is amazing. pure amazingness i say

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i would be in heaven if i could meet this many fine ass black women. like id prolly bust nuts on contact.

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Jurnee Smolett(sp?) is so damn fine.Its something about her that captivates me. She has the stillo of a grown ass woman. She is so fine she makes me want to get my shit right lol

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i made some fudge with some lemon haze in it a few days ago. this stuff had me ripped. so good,best high ive had some i lost my virginity. i was in this diner bugging out.

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was fucking hot man.

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