My stack currently consists of ON Whey, ON Casein, and Jack3d. I would highly recommend MuscleandStrength[dot]com to anybody that is trying to learn about fitness, nutrition, etc. i've been a member there for years and have learned SOO much that my side job should be a trainer and/or nutritionist

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audi has made some really great aesthetic changes to their cars over the past few years. mercedes are a little too older-adult for me, but I feel like audi has the best mix of contemporary aesthetics and performance

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renting is also a great way to test if you like the lens before you guy it. try the higher quality and lower quality ones to see which one you think is worth the investment

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playing around with bokeh is always fun when you're in an urban area

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i agree with t3i

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regular red Vans Authentics for me

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nikes hands down. ive never really liked converse

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Vans authentics

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in terms of "getting lucky" with celebrities, these companies obviously are doing something right if they got their company into the eye of someone famous that is willing to rock their stuff. of course this is assuming that the company hustled it's way to where it is--none of that "my super rich parents hooked me up with ALL these famous people" type of shit. some people hustle REALLY hard and are rewarded for their work, but no matter how much they tell people how hard they worked, there will always be people to hate on someone else's success. also, in terms of "what is hot" and "what is not" is a completely biased question because it really depends on the person and the culture around them. what you may think deserves to be on the market might not necessarily be the same opinion of others. if you see someone wearing an ugly shirt, you don't like it, but the person wearing it is probably wearing it because they like it, regardless of whether you both like the brand or not. honestly, there's so many counter arguments to every argument, but at the end of the day you just have to keep an open mind and know that everybody has their own opinion AND that a lot of these brands actually work really hard and take a lot of risks to get to where they are.

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copped a baron davis one when he was still on the warriors. thought this guy would be the future of the team. i was wrong...

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Old Navy for sure hands down, but my black one shrunk a lot.... :/

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i personally like the crazier looking ones. The one's that are not traditionally patterned or colored. if any of you are from the Bay and have heard of Bobbi Vie, he puts on this show called F.A.M.E. and i remember there being a really dope bowtie company their (forgot the name). i think it was run by just one or two people but im not really sure.

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im more of a fan of the new snapbacks coming out that have a little taller fitment. as cool as vintage snapbacks are, they're a little too short for me

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plain and simple Vans Authentics. gotta rock the slimmer shoes if with the skinnies

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if you guys like the tapered fit, Urban Outfitters has the Levis 520s on sale for only $39.

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