need a hong kong proxy to order me somthing from yahoo auctions HK willing to pay around 50 for the job must have enough credible feedback  help a homie out please

Started by need a hong kong proxy pleaseee?!?!?!?!?, 2 Weeks ago in Asia

ANYONE KNOW WHERES A GOOD SPOT TO RENT A NICER SLIM TUX IN DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES???!! I need a formal suit for this banquet for work but i dont like how regular rental tux's fit. there has to be a spot to hit up in LA. HELP PLZ

Started by Where do i go to rent a slim tux in downtown la????, 2 Weeks ago in Fashion

wadup guys ive been using these 2 backpacks for ages now a northface daypack and a chrome messenger. Both are dirty and old. if u guys could suggest some nice backpacks that are more on the smaller size and havea good loook to them it would be coool. thnx for ur guyses input and hope someone can lead me to a legit new backpack

Started by Please help me find a good backpack, 2 Weeks ago in Fashion