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[URL] &)

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FROM THIS LIST Playstation 3 * 3D Dot Game Heroes

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[URL] awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww &)&)&) look! he bagged himself a puerto rican! its literally THAT easy!

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...FUCKING SUCKS!!!! who could listen to this shit?!? this is not a troll thread, i seriously cannot comprehend how anyone can listen to this shit and not put the cold barrel of a 357 in their mouths originally this was going to be a "worst genre of music thread?" ...BUT that would imply that music worse than salsa might actually exist...and i dont think i'd want to live in a world where someone could just waltz in here, and actually prove to me, tthat such a thing could actually be true fuck salsa and fuck puerto rico, keep that mira mira, guala guala robot music out of my christian fucking ears...you pussies smh edit: honorable mention to mariachi, you came in a very close 2nd....maybe next year mariachi...maybe next year

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I dont know if anyone on HB fucks wit em, im surprised no Chi town nikkas made this thread yet, anyway, new shits out wit DJ Drama [URL] - Dont Feed The Killaz Vol 2.5 the appetizer

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OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! i am officially lord and master of the shoutbox now, SUCK MY DICK, OBEY ME, BUT MOSTLY SUCK MY DICK!!! [Image]

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aight this the thing, i already own fallout 3 original, what i want to know is, in the game of the year edition, does the game give u the option to install the 5 DLC expansion packs? cuz what im thinking of doing is just going to gamestop, buyin the GOTY and installing the DLC then bringing it back and switching it up for COD black ops preorder i mean, theoretically, it should work right, if i already have the main fallout disc? as long as the dlc is on the ps3 hd and i have the main game there shouldnt be any complications, anyone try this at all? i know this worked with oblivion but i dont know if obsidian switched up and blocked that option....soooo, help?

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i cant really speak for the 360, but off the PSN, i beast on those pixel junk games, especially eden & monsters, and if ya nikkas dont have wipeout hd yet...suck my dick smh im trying to get put on to some more psn games tho since my boy wont game share wit me, i lost all his shit, lookin to reup, anyone play echochrome or flow? im thinkin bout buying one of those later tonight, thoughts???

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who would it be and why??? my vote, HAITI reason: cuz their yellow eyes piss me off smokeyface

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I made this thread in the hopes that our collective knowledge of rappers of yesteryear and 1 hit wonders could help us find out wtf they're doing now and maybe even why the fuck they're not around i'll start with this cornball right here [Image] Sacario, of angie martinez fame, probably best known for [URL] last i heard from this niqqa, he was at last years dominican day parade i think, taking shots at budden claiming joey was tryin to get at him on the low (lol yea aight) is this clown still around tho, lol he really wasnt that nice for a jayz impersonator, but is he alive??? also curious about, to get some conversation going, where the fuck is..... 1. Paul Cain 2. Skillz 3. Sauce Money 4. Sun.NY 5. Infamous Mobb (Not mobb deep) 6. Killah Priest ????

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just beat red dead redemption and xenogears after like 7 years smokeyface

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my children...the time for your boom/bap communion is at hand, rejoice and repeat after me [Quote] form a line so that i may see you and give you your reps for holding down hb and your boom/bap brethren when hypebeast needed you most, do not shy away from awarding your boom/bap brothers in arms reps wherever you may see them and giving negative reps to mos and skunk cuz they are neither pretty nor based....but black [Image] "Santa María, Madre de Dios, ruega por nosotros pecadores, ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerte. Amén" LA PAZ!

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yup the broad street bully is throwing another temper tantrum again smh smh nikka give it up already.... dload link to song inside [URL]

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BOOYAH! Gettin into my 70's phase lately, spent last weekend watching black caeser and black samson, black belt jones is next on the list an [URL] anybody else into these shits?

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