hbo is the only channel that airs new episodes of entourage over there? and dvds only cost $15 over there....

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my favorite character is Ari, then tied for second is Turtle or Drama. sucks how we have to pay for HBO in Toronto.. the only way i watch the show is either dvd/bluray.. fuck downloading.. shows addicting i must say..

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^ you are correct.. and i have no idea why they would choose jimmy fallon and no.. i dont give a shit about his boots blushing

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the driver looks like The Big Show from WWE

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is there going to be a forum?

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^ LOL back to the subject.. i think it depends on the brand of tee you get.. so.. if you got costco around your are.. get some kirkland tees, i would avoid footlocker, hanes tees.. they garbage..

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^ you that little dude? lol sale was good for the first few customers.. toes got a little numb in the chukkas.. and from hearing from others.. theirs were too...... who picked up the 3M air trainers II in size 8.5? IMMA KICK YO ASSSSSSSSS!

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thanks for ruining it for us canadians asshole. BUT.. i figured quest crew took it.. it would seem that the show is rigged if they didnt win..

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we'll see what BOTH crew have to bring in the finale.. BUT from seeing the last episode.. quest crew got season 3 on lock. that last performance from quest was mind blowing from beginning to end.

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some gems in here, tracks and mixes

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80$ can cop you something ill. i wouldnt even drop 5 on that...

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good sale at attic, too bad i didnt see this earlier.. missed out on some thanks for the code!!

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who really keeps their word?

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price on half cabs? thanks in advance

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does anyone know if i can cancel orders? i place 2 orders and now i dont want the second order... their customer service is slooow.. i think i might have to make a long distance call...

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