Good stuff! Thanks a lot for the link, very helpful!

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Anyone know about/have experience in postering? What techniques do you use? What kinds of papers do you use, and what is your technique/supplies for application onto surface? Any help on this topic is much appreciated!!

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To start, mess with the photo's levels, and the contrast of the colors to make them stand out more. For taking stills of sneakers make sure you light the still life, try putting them on a background that is all one solid color. Also, experiment with zooming in on the sneaks, changing angles, and focusing on specific parts of interest of the sneaker to peak the "reader/viewers" interest. This will actually add elements to the photo that will have more than just sneaker heads lookin'. Post up some more questions developing from here, and some samples of what you've done with this project so far for critique. Hope this helps a bit!

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80s running shorts all the way. Hahahahah. Boo shorts

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I thought the Cmonwealth store was opening the first of this month? And whats the deal with Major and the other store that are supposed to be opening in G-town this month?????

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Mac all the way, always! Better for design, more visually appealing and easier to navigate, better color spectrum. You also can't beat its pulsating light to let you know its still breathing in a dark room!

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Adult Swim and the Wire all the way!

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Getting out there is definetly a good way to self-educate yourself on these skills. Set up some still lifes and experiment with distance f-stops, lighting, placement of objects, etc.

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Learn about depth of field for this type. Get a good focus on the subject as to direct the readers attention mainly to that spot/that subject. Get them in their element, so as not to look staged. If you are not too familiar with your camera either learn about exposures, or get a general overview and use the bracketing feature if there is one, so you get a range of exposures and can pick the best one. Most of all familiarize yourself with your camera so that these actions come natural when in the field. Hope this helps some!

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Haha, my last purchase from there was also for a wedding. Didn't feel like dropping a G on a suit, went the quick, untailored $225 way. Worked good and cut down on time!

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2nd one looks ok in that cream color.

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Not really bad looking, just kind of a tired concept|0

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Inexpensive denim if your not trying to do it up like crazy, every once in a while you can stuble upon some other cool stuff there too. Guilty pleasure kind of place!

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