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third ip man came out but its not donnie yen. its about ip man's learning wing chun

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aight got into a fight with a drunk as dude while i was sober cause he thought he was the shit and kept talking midway fight im winning and he pulls out a blade. i was like oh shit and i didnt want to back out so i said you better kill me if you're gonna use that, if not, you're going straight to jail he got scared dropped the knife and ran and i chased after him tackled him to the ground and pounded at his face.

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man hollister hoodies are fucked as shit. wear until you needa wash that shit and then after one wash the zipper ship fucks up and its all wrinkly and shitt

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so play the fucking game. if you lose you dont have to get all sad and shit.

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Diggy lol. that guy has potential.

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hardcoreeeeeeeee oh yeah. love making bitches moan

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when is entourage coming back?!?!?!

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omg that was so fucking bad.my ears are bleeding. ya'll need to jump off kanye's dick and admit when somethings bad.

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what are vegtables?

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OP is faggot.

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