Welcome to our 2013 Discussion Thread. We took some time off at the end of 2012 but we are back to doing what we love for those who appreciate the brand and have been following our development since the Fall of 2011! We look forward to sharing what we have coming this year with the forum!  -NOVEMBER RED

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[Image] Happy New Year! Welcome to our 2012 thread! www.november-red.com

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I've been working on the development of NOVEMBER RED since I moved back to the U.S. from Tokyo 3 years ago. We recently released our Test Run 0 which was composed of 50 tees, each individually numbered and personalized. We distributed the run amongst friends and family for feedback and branding awareness. We are currently working on releasing our Test Run 1in the upcoming weeks which will be available online and surprise boutique. I would like to share with you photos of the run and official branding in order to get your feedback, comments, or anything you would like to say. BRANDING VIDEO: [URL] Thank you for your time! NOVEMBER RED

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