Boozer couldnt take the Jazz anywhere and they have Deron Williams who at this point in time is still slightly better than D.rose though I imagine Rose will surpass him soon. I wasnt a fan of that rumor to begin with, the Bulls would be giving up Kirk, losing Kirk and Gordon the same year would kill the team. The Bulls arent gonna make any big moves this year, I still think they will make the playoffs though.

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Ha, yea the east is pretty stacked, seems like the balance of power is slowly shifting in the nba. I can see the bulls coasting this year and sneaking into the 7th or 8th spot. Hopefully get better from within with rose and deng improving from last year. I think the plan is to land a big name free agent in 2010, but they have to show that they can be a serious contender with one more piece. I would love to d-wade ina Bulls jersey, both starting guards from chicago, that would be nuts!

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I used to play Live only.. but i must admit over the last couple years 2k has one up'd EA. The game just handles more smoothly, controls and way more friendly. 2k all the way. Madden all day though.

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Favorite part was the song the dentist came up with on the piano while waiting for the Tiger to fall asleep. HAHAHA.. Hilarious movie.

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Anyone listen to that El Michaels Affair- Enter the 37th chamber? shits hot.

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Met K.R.S One the other day.. Boogie Down Productions was my shit back in the day!

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What are some good sites for body building tips? Besides

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BULLS. I just started a Bulls thread. Holler at it.

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Aight, so I searched and I couldnt find one already. Sorry if there is one and i couldnt find it. Lets build on this one though. I know its the off season right now, but theres plenty to talk about. How do you feel about Ben Gordon leaving the team? I am sad to see him go but I think the offense will flow a lot better without him. It all really banks on how Deng comes back after having a below average season last year. Hopefully him and Rose can build that chemistry thats needed for the team to be a threat. Anyone know much about these rookies? I heard their both athletic freaks but dont we already have Tyrus Thomas? I would have really liked to have seen the Bulls draft Dejuan Blair, cant believe he slipped all the way down to the second round, dudes gonna be the steal of the draft.

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[Quote] damn didnt hear about that. D-wade would own Richardson

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My Prediction: Lakers vs Spurs in western finals Cavs vs Celtics in eastern finals Lakers vs Celtics Lakers in 7 Who ya'll got?

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Yo. Is L.A excited about Artest joining the squad? That dues is a nut but can def be a benefit to the team. That story about how he got into the Lakers locker room is hilarious, how did he even get in the locker room? I heard he is slightly retarded, not joking either, like seriously mentally disabled. I heard he applied at best buy to get the employee discount. When he was on the Bulls he would sneak into the work out facility and jump in the hot tub naked at 2am. Anyway.. whats up with Lamar Odom? He getting re-signed or what? Could use that dude on The Bulls!

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Yo. We're having a ridiculous sale at The Novem Store this friday, saturday and sunday. All Chicago Classic T's are 3 for $20 1104 N Ashland 11-8 saturday and sunday 11-6 sunday Also clion this link [URL] to peep our spring line which will be avaliabe on the 27th. Pre-order now to save %10.

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