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I'm directing a few music videos and I need some NEXT LEVEL shit done. Preferably niggas that have fucked with short films a lil bit. I know exactly what I want, as in I have a lil knowledge in all of this so it wont be much of a huge task. I'm looking for somebody i can consistently go to too. whatever this is stupid, just hit me up niggas. im obviously paying too

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Ive been doing light research on different types of blur for video effects. I need a very specific type of blur, but i am not sure what it is called or even has a name. I am most likely going to be using a canon t2i camera with a 50mm lens if this matters at all or if there is any way i can make the blur happen on the camera. I am going to describe what i am looking for so If someone could give me a name, lead, tutorial video, or any kind of help as i describe what i need, thatd be sick! Thanks. - The blur im looking for is a very heavy blur to the point where you cant make out what is going on in the scene but you can tell what is there just by knowlege from the prior scene - Im Looking for a type of blur like the one used in used in [Embed content] yonkers, (yeah, i know the camera for that video had a perspective control lens, but im looking for the same blur but a little heavier and i want mine all in one area for a longer period of time) this was the only video i could find that had a great example -its kind of like a lens focus type of blur but i just cant explain it (yeah im new to all this technology, im just trying to expand on it)

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Anybody know how to use dreamweaver at all, i just got into it, and im trying to get a certain design for my website im making. i have a simple design i want but i dont know how to do a few things on Dreamweaver. If Any of yall niggas could help that would be cool

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My dumbass just copped a real cheap shitty midi controller from the pawn shop for like 180 that i dont even like, and i didnt do much research before hand. Whats something nice i can cop IN STORE (like best buy, walmart, etc) for like 250 or less. I Was Thinking About The M-Audio Axiom 25 Key USB Midi  What do yall niggas have, how much did it cost, and how do you like it?

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My fucking dad thinks everything in his life is a conspiracy, like this nigga takes it to the extreme. he puts two things that dont relate in any way but will still correlate them together and pull out a conspiracy. He dont even believe in all that illuminati stuff tho.  In his mind everything is only happening to him, and that the whole world is after him. One good example is that this nigga thinks people come into our crib and fuck with HIS stuff almost every time we all leave. Somebody will tell this nigga something like "You Live On Gilmore Street?" and this nigga will pull up something in his mind from like 2 years ago on how he had a fight with a nigga named gilmore, and he will think you somehow know about it.  Yall know anybody like this? Like is this some kind of disorder or physcological fuck up?

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[Embed content]                   Bro Austin Pickels' Visuals to his song called No Apologies off the [URL] he just drop, wish i woulda produced and directed that shit but its still swank. Actually listen to deh mufuuuckin lyrics n shit niggy. O, and feedbacks cool too

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Im bored as fuck, and i wanna do somebodys cover art, i probly wont run it for free tho, idk, depends on my mood. Yall Wanna See Some Old Shit [URL]

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[Embed content] Edit: Dats Deh New Swags Ma Nigga

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Not Sure If Im Supposed To Post It On Here But How do you get melting text on photoshop Can anybody link me with like a nice tutorial or something?

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My bad for posting back to back but... You guys notice niggas be false swaggin on the internet these days. They have like 200 likes on every status, 15k followers on twitter, 30k instagram followers, and like 100k views on a dumb ass youtube video, but theyll be less known than the janitor that cleans they fucking middle school, my bad yall, i just needed somewhere to rant after seeing a fuckboy from beriut that makes music thru his webcam microphone get verified for claiming sodmg.

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youve had thoughts about killing her? or am I the only one?

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What up n****s , im new to hypebeast but anyway This n***a fucking punched me at school today. Let me explain the fucking story, I just transferred to this private catholic school at the beginning of the basketball season right, and we had some religious holiday type shit going on and we had to go to church so this is all new to me. These niggas doing all these fucking rituals and shit and im just sitting there sleeping right, and this n**** runs over from the back of this big ass church, makes a big scene and gives me a good jab to the arm, then he grabs my jacket and trys to physically force me to kneel down like everybody else, but of couse his weak 5'4 self couldnt get me to move, i wasnt going to do it anyway, cuz i was on the end of the benches which wouldve had me kneeling on the pavement type shit. Anyway he whispered to go to his office after that church session but i never went. And He Seen Me Like 5 times in between classes and shit but this n**** was avoiding me and never said to come to his office cuz deep down he know he socked me. And Now That I think back i dont know why i didnt Drop This N**** On His Fucking Head right there

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I have a general idea about Canon and Nikon cameras and stuff but im not sure what I should be getting. What kind of camera do i get if I mainly wanna catch footage, like high quality music videos and shit, and then photos every once in a while. My budget is around $200-700 with the lenses and everything.

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