Lost my job in April so no money coming through since i can't find a decent job. I might have to get anything now just to keep my shopping fix and save up for my next college tuition next semester.

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I couldn't care what others think if its weird or not, I like feeling bass and quality. I wear big headphones manggg.

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[Quote] Yep, pretty much what you said. It was ok. I got motion sickness to, which kinda made it bad for me, but it was still alright.

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drink a lot of water. but like someone mentioned previously. it just takes time.

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can't wait till her future sex tape is out lol.

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Yeah BB forum has so many trolls and interesting topics. Anyone read the ask an escort anything thread? lol The dick topic is all right.

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i'm fighting green.....am I close to the end? i rented this game. Its like a mix of crackdown and devil may cry.

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LOL, funny ass thread, I don't got any smh

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thats balls, i could never do that.

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Effron = lucky s.o.b

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if you don't bring the dancing guy, the party is a failure.

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Wolf shirt is better. why? it'll get you laid.

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the first pic looks the best cause its got the best lighting

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diet is super important, bike ride everyday, you will never see quick results it takes time so don't expect to see results even if you do go everyday.

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