A new sample site just launched with sales similar to those of Jack Threads. 50%-80% off retail prices on streetwear and other brands. With sales of 10 Deep and Married to the Mob right now, and such brands as Crooks & Castles, Hellz Bellz, and Rebel 8. Sign up [URL]

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Hit me up, money ready. I'll pay $15 shipped.

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[URL] most of the drawings and such i like that ive done this year im missing my favorite piece though, it was my final for the year, and my dad has it cuz it was a gift

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Visvim Skagway white/back (retailed for ~400 i think) i also have a pair of DS navy wtap eras. sz 12. offer i wore them once, for like 2 hours, only show of wear is on the heel as pictured i can do paypal or possibly boston meetup im very open to price negotiations, just pm me, hah even lowballs BIN (shipped&paypal) : [COLOR="Red"]$300->$250->$170 [/COLOR] offers welcome, pm me [Image]

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hah but really, i got some washed out green jeans for like $15 from H&M i was thinking just like an oxford and dessert boots? or some auths with a hoody and tee?

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[Image] just a quick throwdown for a friend WADDATHINK

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[Image] do an lookin ass *****?

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[Image] saw in pick ups

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[Image] fucking hipsters.. anybody wanna id shoes and denim (guessing its sorta custom)

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"Ive had an affinity for sneakers ever since I can remember. When I was really little, my father owned a Stride Rite store in a strip mall. I was always so proud of his ability to size up someone correctly. Ill never forget the time when my brother, dad and I were almost held up at gun point for trying to return a defective pair of high-tops to the hottest sneaker joint in downtown San Diego, back when there were no gas lamps and those streets werent quiet as friendly. In high school, I was amongst the first to brave the newest patent leather Jordan

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just found this out and updated immediately. makes stuff alot easier. except an excessively long contact list [URL] [Image]

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title says it. [Image]

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[URL] "Gorgeous stuff. It really changes how you look at the skating - watching the precise foot movements, the way the pant leg billows and moves, the fact that you can start to predict whether or not a trick will get landed properly based on the subtle shifts and timing

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[Image] I'm looking for something like any of these, or anything else that isn't just the normal hoodie cut. cept without the high price tags of these

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i need a neew backpack for school, cheap and not idiotics looiking would be cool, also some thing kinda cheap $40? any suggestions?

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