mike mo, gonz, kellen james, daewon, marc johnson.. just to name a few. got the chance to skate and hangout with Tory Pudwill and Jeron Wilson a couple months back.. really chill guys check out Morgan Smith on youtube! lives in my neighbourhood and hes hopefully going pro with Blind soon. cleanest style. lets see some footy and photos from members on here.

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just because someone says certain deck companies are better then others doesnt necessarily mean its true.. its all preference in most cases, but not all the time. People have brand loyality to companies like for example someone may stick to Girl decks instead of Chocolate but there the exact same board so just go whatever your comfortable with for now. in terms of trucks, if your just starting out, for one thing dont listen to what anyone says about the brand of trucks, what you really need to be looking for is the bushings on the trucks. go to a skateshop and see for yourself, you wanna go with a tougher bushing rather then a softer one if your just starting out. id say you go for 52mm wheels but thats just my personal opinion and in terms of brand.. just choose whatever you like best, i look at the wheels befor hand and see how much they bounce so that the softer the wheel, the smoother you ride .. pretty much take into consideration with some of the stuff people are telling you but honestly the best thing to do is to go to an independendent skateshop, have them help you pick out your first set-up and that you can decide what you feel more comfortable with in person (i.e board width) because chances are there gonna know alot more than what people are telling you to do on this message board... unless you go to west49 or zumies.

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[Image] f/180 fakie' nosegrind The hundreds Levis Circa

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blank decks are different from most pro decks, with the exception of a few. MOST blank decks, especially shop decks, usually uses recycled wood with maple wood when they make there decks. its cheaper to make, and shops use that method because they cant afford an account with any company that makes 100% maple decks since they cant afford to match the minimum requirement. while most pro decks use 100% maple, and some blank decks like Mini Logo for example, some pro decks still use a cheap method to make decks with recycled wood such as Almost, Chocolate/Girl, etc. and riding a wider or slimmer deck doesn't necessarily have to do with your height and shit. its all preference. People think that if your taller or heavier, you have to ride a wider deck which is wrong. most pros ride 7.5. and if you buy a deck JUST because of the graphic or hype like supreme decks for example, then thats pretty wack imo. it just makes me think that your some poser or w/e that started skating because of lupe fiasco.

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Nomadic Infantree's second run is now available at 155 JOHN ST. 155 JOHN ST (Lounge) 155 John St. M5T 1X3 Tel: (416) 599-7945 [URL] [Image]

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not feeling this at all

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Our Winter 2007 is now on sale. It consist of just t-shirts for this second line. The online store will be setup shortly in about a week or so. [URL]

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L1NE ONE is throwing a release party November 2nd at Spin Gallery. L1NE ONE is a Toronto based publication bridging the gap between arts, culture, fashion and design. L1NE ONE would like to invite you to be the first to see the first issue before anyone else does. There will be a winter fashion show featuring some of the top clothing stores in Toronto. Entertainment Provided by: Dj Sara Simms, The number one female Dj in Toronto. Price: $15 Door price: $18 Dress Code in effect: Semi Casual Schedule: 8:00 PM - Magazine Show 9:00 PM - Adidas/Gsus Winter Fashion Show 9:30 PM - Dj Sara Simms continues the night Tickets are going faster then predicted, for tickets please email us at: [email]alexmarshall@lineone.ca[/email] Or PM me for a ticket and we can arrange to meet up somewhere around the GTA.

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Yeah, we just started off with a few shirts, and now we are just trying to expand on some crew necks, fitted hats, hoodies, etc..

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[URL] Nomadic Infantree was started in 2005 by 2 "kids" in grade 8 (14 years old). Now after 2 years of planning out, we have finally dropped our first line of shirts which is very successful around the local area (Markham, GTA, etc). Our 2nd line will be coming out shortly.

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what time is everyone planning on going to livestock before it opens? im thinking of going around 9-10

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Does anyone know what time LiveStock opens on saturday?

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what are some good songs to listen to when skateboarding? preferably hip hop

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