I would like to see you do a couple tees again with Parra! A black flannel with a few of his trade mark colors for pop would be sick.

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Im actually in Holland right now on exchange for school. As of December 1st mushrooms became illegal in some areas. I believe they are however still legal in Amsterdam. I can double check when I go there in a few days. The thing with coffee shops closing down was that they didn't want any shops to be located near any elementary/highschools, so those within a certain distance were shut down. They do have other restrictions in some areas tho. Like right now im in the town called Maastricht, and when you go into a shop they scan your I.D. and you can only buy a maximum of 5 grams/day. This is just to stop people from selling it to kids as you have to be over 18 to enter. Pricing wise your looking at around 8-15 euros a gram depending on what you get and where you go. I find Amsterdam to be more expensive then the other towns but at the same time you are going to find better stuff out there.

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the website doesnt charge you with extra fees, the boarder does. It's called duty. If your goods were made in the USA, Mexico, or Canada, you should not have to pay any duty. When the sender sends to goods from the US they are supposed to mark where the goods were made, if they dont check and put other, then u will get fucked. Make sure you always ask the seller to double check they are marking down the right info. Usually when a dutie fee applies, the shipping company will hit you with brokerage as well because they have to front the duty fee for you. Another reason to always get the seller to check.

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[Quote] Yeah I didnt really think through the rest of the clothing lines they sell. Its been a long week. In my opinion tho RockersNYC, Acapulca Gold, Futura Labs, and Haze stuff will never really become "played out" if they sell it on 4th. Some of that hardly even moves off the shelf in gastown. Reigning champ could be sold anywhere, to me its just high quality blank apparel. I would have no problem with someone wearing it. I actually dont care who wears what anyway. Im guessing shoe wise 4th will focus more on the dunks, blazers, maxes, the more simple adidas stuff (ex no $500 undftd pack), etnies plus, dvs luxe, etc, and leave the Jordans, AF1, and other more limited stuff in gastown. This is all speculation, but it will be cool to see the finished store when its ready. Its really cool to think that Van is now at that point where it can support multiple shops like this.

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I think the location is pretty decent. Keep in mind before Livestock there was board kennel. Moving to a location like 4th allows them to be a little closer to the "boarder crowd" they used to be surrounded by. Dont get me wrong, people that skate go to gastown, but this is a more prime location for that sort of market. Who knows, if the space is big enough maybe they will sell some skate hardware, and make the space more like a Huf store. Besides, the only thing that LS really carries shoe wise that isnt already on 4th would be the better accounts of Nike shoes and the non skate adidas. Alife, Etnies plus, puma, and reebok stuff is at gravity pope already (granted a smaller selection). And clothing wise, the only new stuff brought to that strip is BBC (who cares), The hundreds (a "skate" brand now), and the occasional bit of UNDFTD. Overall to me its a good spot, and they will make a killing.

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In the case of Nike I believe a lot of their stuff is made through independent contractors for which they have very little control over how the factory is run. Basically Nike pays them X dollars for the product, and the factory makes sure they get what they want by any means. The ethical issue here tho is should Nike take responsibility for how the workers of these factories are treated, even tho they don't own the factory. The argument can go both ways really. You could say it's not Nike's fault in that they aren't running show, just paying. Or you could say the factory is only running because Nike is all of their business, and they should make sure there products are made ethically. The best thing Nike can do in my opinion is make sure they do ethical audits on there manufacturers from time to time. Make sure the factory is abiding the local government laws for the country the stuff is made in. This is difficult tho as often these places will have 2 sets of books, and will restrict you from talking to their workers. It should however still be done. If your still worried about how where your stuff is coming from and what child created it shop smart. Brands like Alife, and Supreme have a lot of their production done in Canada, and even Diamond and TH have their tees at least screened in the USA. This stuff may run at a premium because of it, but at least you know some 8 year old kid didn't sew your hoodie.

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Its a good song. His CD is also really good. If your looking for it, it's on itunes, but in the sweeden store haha.

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would that be the back to school catalog?

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Sent money about 3 weeks ago, just got my stuff up here in Vancouver. Cocoa Huff's shirt miSFits shirt Huf Mile High Club crew neck Stickers Poster Not bad for 61. Wanted a fitted more than anything tho.

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yo, i got some Alife x Reebok Pumps for sale if you are interested. Ive got a sz 10 white and a sz 12 Orange left. Both are 100% deadstock. Ill post picks in a bit.

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he was probably behind bbc ice cream in the begining, but keep in mind, ice cream wasnt a "skate" brand in the begining. board flips only came out last spring/summer (even tho they had a sort of team before). I wouldnt straight up call ice cream a poser brand either. The skate industry is full of new brands started by random people as well. I think the problem that arises with ice cream is their price point compared to other companies. No other skate companies are producing $80 tshirts or $400 denim. Not only that, they dont let SKATE SHOPS cary their shit. It seems they are trying to buy there way into the industry without even placing themselves into it (the most fucked marketing tactic ever). Anyways, i think this whole bbc ice cream thing will die down in the next couple years anyway. judging by there 08 winter, maybe they wont even make it to spring haha.

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shoes are made in brazil, so i doubt youll see them turning up at winners. and if they did, they would be really old stock.

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you wont buy stolen stuff from an individual, but youll buy stolen stuff from a corporation? thats terrible logic. sure footlocker is a huge corporation, but that doesnt mean its right to steal shit from them. just because a person makes alot of money doesnt mean your entitled to any of it. the people who started and are still keeping footlocker alive deserve every cent they make, just like any other person in this world who works hard for their check. if u want discount shoes, get a job at footlocker, or any other retail store. or really step your game up and work for nike/rbk/adidas... for all of you supporting this store i hope you reconsider. all your doing is propetuating the idea that stealing shit is alright, and i bet all of you would be pissed if someone stole from you.

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the fave is probably the largest in the nixon linup. as long is you dont have smal rists it will be fine.

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yeah, stussy does beat out supreme as far as tshirts go i think. But supreme does still have some rad shit. I really liked this winters duffel coat, there new era collabs are always good, and they usually have some really nice hoodies. Stussy is just more realistic with there price tags, and they come up with some sick stuff.

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