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[URL] Click image for track

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Yo HB its the Kid, new hip hop producer, and I've just been featured on the blog [URL], check it here http://soundcloud.com/thatkidkhaos/sets/the-rosenhan-project/ be warned the beats are not for the faint of heart. Thanks Kid

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My new Beat tape/Demo, have a listen if you want [URL]

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Yo HB whats good, Recently came up with this idea of a website called Rate My Swag. Kinda like Lookbook.nu but a more street/urban content with jordans and supreme and all that hypebeast good stuff. Not that i'm a big fan of it i just think there is a gap there. What im basically asking for is for people to contribute and get this shit going and growing. Godspeed [URL]

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[URL] Yeah ok so i made this remix. I uploaded it to youtube. Have a listen I know the vocals are out of tune and not mixed well and can get loud at times, but i cant be bothered to make another mp3 then video. I just really want people to hear this, I used the photograph by Victoria Zeoli as inspiration, tried to turn it into a dark , mad woman in the attic type tune. If i had the resources i wuda done something the the vocals, chopped them up or summin. but Yo, FL makes that near impossible. But anyway have a listen it might be to your taste it might not, any criticism would be greatly appreciated. Be Harsh.

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I'm not here to sell any beats, i just want to know what people think of mine. I uploaded this January EP at the beginning of the month on soundcloud. [URL] any feedback would be great.

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Who do you reckon will be the first to put out their album? both were signed in 2007, both have released 3 mixtapes, same years 2007 2009 2010, similiar artist growth and size of fanbase. Whose are you anticipating the most? who do you reckon will have the better album

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Y'all seen this video yet, basically showing off how good their samples are khaoskulture.wordpress.com/2011/01/10/justice-league-inter-league-sample-showdown (cant paste links yet, so sorry)

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Has anybody heard of this band/group "JJ" from sweden? Just downloaded their mixtape "Kills" its pretty dope, chick singing over hip hop beatssmokeyface. I dunno if this qualifies as Indie/Hipster shit. youtube.com/watch?v=_IhwBpG8Cjw

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I just wanna know if people keep the stickers on they caps. I take the circle ones off, but keep the authentic ones on.

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Complex just did a "Kanye West's best verses of 2010" and crowned the third verse of Gorgeous number 1. No real arguments there. I was wondering what y'all thought the best verses of 2010 were, i'm gonna do a post on my blog on it. For me some of the best verses' were Nicki Minaj - Monster (Kanye West) Jay-Z - FreeMason (Rick Ross) Jay-z - So Appalled (Kanye West) Kanye West - Gorgeous (3rd verse) Rick Ross - Devil in a New Dress (Kanye West) Tyler the Creator - Bastard As you can see haven't got a great scope so far so would appreciate some suggestions i can check out

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28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ldp302Xf9N1qbbwd4o1_500.gif sorry cant post links yet especially the dark blue/black one.

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Alrite guys, just started up a new Blog called "Khaos Kulture" khaoskulture.wordpress.com . Really want to create a community similar to the hypebeast but more controlled (ironic maybe) and exclusive/private. Aswell as the normal "Fashion" "Women" catergories, I've also got science and news and more, well there's no posts there but there will be soon. If you wanna contribute just drop me a pm or summin.

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