best thread on hypebeast in a minute Let me throw in my 2 cents: First of all if your a relatively small line you will not get sued, even if your shit is on major blogs. You would need to be on or shit like that to actually be taken seriously as a money maker. Second of all you could face vector somebody famous and maybe even freehand draw some shit to it and you really cant get sued for it since its kinda your own creation. Unless you make a shirt and put the person's name on it and shit , then they might have a case against you....

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[Quote] Of course ninjas in the hood aint gonna be coppin the shit, but whenever you go to a spot where them wanna be trendy cats is finna be, your gonna see a bunch of them rockin the same shit, i.e 10 deep chain hoody ,diamond misfits shirt, even looking at pics from sneakerpimps events in other states I see kids rockin the same gear...thats real talk, cats aint gonna be like " damn where'd he get that from or what brand is that" cuz its been seen all over the net. They probably would in the hood though, but who cares....

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Thats fuked up I remeber when ecko bit off 3 sixteen's shiit a while back, I think its kinda dope though how major brands look to independant ones for inspiration, kinda like when nike biting gabriel urist's steez so we could all afford one....

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What yall need to realize is the street wear is the new "it" thing, 10 deep and crooks have become the new akademiks and LRG and we shouldnt hate but just move on with our lives. Before wearing streetwear brands meant you had something exclusive no one ever seen, now its like you just assume people are up on digital gravel and karmaloop. It does suck that you cant wear anything exclusive nowadays but you guys need to realize its a bunch of new dope brands with fly shiit overseas and even in the states, yall just need to start doing your research....smokeyface

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wow thats so cool...

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yeah I know for sure the black ones are coming out, the fire reds, the cool greys,some ugly baby blue ones, and the suede royal laney joints. Im going to go ahead and cop the true blues off ebay, but I swear if they re release them Im not fuccking with jordan any more. ..tongueface

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I know the black 3's are coming out but does anybody know if the true blues are going to comeback out, I wanna cop them off ebay but am hesitant cause I know the Jordan brand tends to re release jordans all the time, let me know...

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Wouldnt that make you not want the sweater? Straight up, you cant even front like you had it before lupe did. Stop being a dick rider and get ya own style homie..

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Reality Check.......blinkyeyes

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Lupe's a nerd leave the kid alone, I think its cool hes not ashmaed of being a lame, you know? Im guessing a skating white boy made that shirt, the same dude who's mad kids are rocking kr3w hoodies and dont even skate....and no Im not a racist, so fuk yall if you get offended....>smh

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Try too they receive the grn apple brand too....

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I think its dope Stussy allows upcoming artists to do this with them, more brands should give back and start doing this...

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Theres some special liquid some company made forgot whats its called but your local supermarket should have it, it says it removes grass stains, I just forgot what it was called....smh

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Try or

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