All are BNWOT  [Image] Bin: $old

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A nigga at coachella and forgot about my homework. HB I need your hell with 2 small assignments. If you are taking or took microeconomics and passed I'll pay you $30.

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Accept Paypal gift or add 4% Shipped via USPS w/tracking (international PM for a shipping quote) REALLY TRYING TO MOVE THIS FAST As you can see this is a Varsity Sweat jacket from F/w 10 in black (more like a dark grey or heather black). It has been worn once by the previous owner and only tried on by me. It's in great condition and is a rare piece. I haven't seen one in the market place recently especially in this color, except the size small that was posted about a year ago. It's a great piece but I need a large. BIN: 250 H/O: 160 [Image]

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I have an almost brand new two tone pull over parka from fw 2011. It has only been worn once and is in perfect condition. SOLD also taking trades in med/large jackets. I will not ship first. Only except PayPal as gift or add 4% you know the deal. [Image] PM me with offer.

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I'm looking for wallabees or weavers size 8.5 high or low doesn't matter to me I just want some.

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Ayo HB fam what magazines do you guys read? I'm tryna cop come subscriptions but I need good magazines to subscribe to. Magazines like The Fader, Sneeze, etc. Help me out.

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After listening to Lil B's NYU lecture one of the things that stuck was me was him saying to be bilingual and learn slang. So I want to know the different slang terms you have in your area and what they mean. In South Florida a lot of people say Jit which means a young person.

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Quite possibly the most uncomfortable thing I've ever experienced. The dentist was going ham on that shit, gripping and twisting the shit out of that shit with that clamp thing. Didn't help he was pretty much pushing my jaw down to the point I thought it was gonna break, now my mouth is sore and swollen. This shit sucks. Any of yall out there had a shitty experience getting a tooth pulled?

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[Image] They need a thread, really great music and the production is amazing imo [Embed content] [URL]

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[Image] or the short sleeve one. I don't really care. If anyone has them in good condition and is willing to sell it lmk.

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oz is a 17 year old rapper based out of Houston, TX. [Image] O.Z. - THE GENESIS Tracklist: 1. Intro 2. Pretty Demon 3. Thoughts Travel 4. Righteous Sinner 5. Bittersweet 6. Ugly Angel 7. Different Minds / Same Head 8. SKit 9. Sleep (First Single) 10. The Gates (Second Single) 11. Lattees 12. Skit 13. Imaginary Chain 14. Sweet & Low 15. M.O.P. 16. Carrots of Gold 17. Outro Download [URL] Second Single - Gates (Official Video /Short FIlm)

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