them shits is sick

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paper denim ( own 3 but rock only 1) levis ( own tons of levis) evisu ( one european and the other is selvage) nudies diesel ( sold all my diesels but i have only one dark pair. best diesel jeans ever) j. lindeberg polo rugby ( incredible wash and fit.. my current fav. only have 1 but i need some apcs and edwins badly though. hopefully get some in ny

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have the hoodie for sale i have the black neon flava hoodie. new without tags. $110 shipped to us. $120 shipped worldwide

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i called new era and they confirmed to me its fake. i emailed them on that address and this is what they sent to me [I]Thank you for reporting this website to us. We will start looking into this matter. If you do have any other information about this site that you would be able to provide us. It would be greatly appreciated. You can pass all information to the following address: [email][/email]. Again, Thank you for your quest for the one True Fitted! Sincerely, Brian | Web Customer Service New Era Cap Co. 160 Delaware Ave Buffalo, NY 14202-2404 P: 1-877-NEC-5950 Ext. 1556 E: [email][/email] W: [URL] New Era | Apparel has arrived! Check out our new men's sportswear collection exclusively in New Era Flagship stores and online now. [/I] he told me on the phone that people have been reporting this to them. they just got notified about 3 weeks ago

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how fucking crazy. i checked the email and it worked but it doesnt anymore. they dont even be reading my emails i send to them, they only read order inquiries and shit. those guys and fuckfaces for real and i will give them hell until i get my money back

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wow check out what i just got in my email. with all the bitching and bickering, someone answers me in the strangest manner. check the email out below. this is fucking crazy [I]hi i am a former employee from cmlsports. I recently got fired because they found out i told a couple of people about their hats. i worked in the factory and found out recently that their products are counterfeit. i have been telling people and they fired me for that. the products that you have at your hand are all fake. report them to [email][/email] or better yet check out their email for more evidence email - [email][/email] password - cmlnewera i know what i speak. they are cheating you. check the email. i know some of you have been expriencing some refund issues, check the email. i guarantee that they are not going to give you your money back. peace and blessings[/I]

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maybe right or wrong. but by any means nec. but i think this is the sellers ebay account [URL] and also yes lol i did get the supreme fitteds. how stupid of me, but oh well, i still want my money back

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Okay on the real. they are not only selling yall fake products but taking your money at the same time. i will be heard. mods pls donot delete.

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i know this site is fake as fuck, thats why i returned their caps since may, i have been asking for my $100 refund but shit is taking too long so i will do exactly what tronics did. CALL OUT THESE FAKE ASS MUTHAFUCKING WET WIPES NO ENGLISH SPEAKING BITCHES. FUCK YALL PAY ME HOE >smh AND FOR ANYONE ELSE THAT WANTS TO FLAME, I DONT GIVE A RATS ASS, YOU AINT THE ONE PAYING. I WANT MY MONEY BACK



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all i can say is that tom ford is the shit. Eversince i bought his gold framed aviators, i sold my marc jacobs, burberrys, guccis and i made a profit because those are the perfect pair for me. i aint spending on shades again. im done. but those old school raybans go hard though.... but not worth 200 bucks. but yeah tom ford is killing the game in sunglasses right now, him, dita, and alpina classics

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i know what you mean. Everytime i rock my original fake shirt like this one. [URL] i have the white version though but yeah everytime people always stare at me like i am some type of alien and be like is that baby naked and what is that thing on the baby. Before i would not really answer, i just told people it was random but people kept on asking so i just tell em its a baby and a sperm shirt i like so they can get off my nuts

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yall are trippin. Those aint bapes or pumas. Those are slick exoticas. Them bad bois are on point. Check em out [URL] to get that dope boy magic look. YADA MEAN

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back when i graduated from high school in 2000. things progressed from me rocking iceberg joints, platinum fubu, and others then it progressed. I got tired of buying white air forces everytime then i started looking around and started buying terminators and dunks for $30.00 in urban outfitters ( a shame uh). but back then in houston i didn't realize anything about streetwear or anything, i was just into different colors and stuff. Then i started buying lacoste when the store opened up. Then diesel jeans and paper denims ( hate em now). but you get the picture, it was just a subconcious progression that led me to joints like comme des garcons play, undftd and other pieces. Hype didn't do it for me. I just did me

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okay mr cool, let me know your new trend so i can hop on too, i want to be cool like you

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