I've skated in my straight sven ds and they hold up pretty damn well. If you've got quality denim, I wouldn't worry too much about taking spills. I've fell a shitload of times in the ssds and they look better everytime i do &) The knees look sweet from me being thrown onto the ground and sliding. Jeans are jeans, let them be your second skin blushing

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I love how its a totally mixed batch. I'm a BMW guy, as said above, bmws' are designed to appeal more to the younger crowd. Handling is probably on the top of my list of things to look for in cars because when I buy a car to drive, I drive it. I don't want to take corners in what feels to be a trailer(not a shot at mercedes). If I didn't want to spend too much on a BMW, I'd probably opt for the new 3 series coupe w/ turbo. But thats just me, it fits my lifestyle. Not many people ride with me, so I have no problems with 2 doors and if they did, theres still a back seat. blushing *Coin Flip. Mercedes Benz makes fantastic cars. Any AMG Benz gets props in my book. I think someone previous said that the interior of MB is nicer then BMW. True. Mercedes does not skimp when it comes to quality of their interior. Perforated leather seats, depending on model that can be heated [i]and[/i] cooled. Its beautiful. I'd have to say SLK AMG is probably one of my attainable dream cars. Both good choices, it just comes down to what you want.

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[Quote] Ha, no question. If money is no object, Dior. The fit is going to be much nicer with those then the ss. I've got SSDS now but if I were to do it again, I probably would have saved a little more for the Dior raw blacks. You should think about the Self Edge x Iron Heart jeans if your willing to drop that kinda money. 21oz denim +1 I'm sure any activities that require you to move will help facilitate the fading not just squats. But hey, do it your way and let us know how it turns out. UGH, wtf did you post this 3 times?

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2004 Chantilly HS, now NVCC

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[Quote] ^WOW, I'm not quite sure how to take in Iron Heart as being 'low end'. They are beautiful jeans and 21oz denim..

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Cool...too bad I'm not in SF.

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[Quote] LOL! Yeah, that jacket is a joke.

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cmonwealth.com has some of their stock up. I was there a couple months ago and they had the OF X hoody for like 250-300 I think. Might still be there if you call em.

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Sears does not offer [i]every[/i] single model and colour that the Levi's store would, and last time I was in there buying a shop light I think I saw maybe only four different cuts all the washed model..

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Wow. A lot of the jeans [I]at[/I] the levi's store are like $40 bucks...if you can't afford that...

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I really want the BK versions but chances of any of those being left when they go onsale online is nil.

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^thats wayyy too expensive. I don't have a problem dropping maybe $2-300 for a nice pair of jeans(already too expensive honestly) but $600? Thats ridiculous.

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^yup, we want the creases to stay..

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[Quote] iono, been really lazy cause of the snow lately. and no i wasnt at the grand opening of major, wouldve but work was more important at the time.

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[Quote] LOL yea, i was thinking the same shit. They def. need to work on their typography. KickBallers under KB looks plain and unnecessary, and the initials [kb] back to back logo has been played to death. I'm sure it could work, but it definitely needs work. No hate, just some criticism. Step your game up kickballers and pay a professional to design you some logos.

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