Got this tee on ebay, for 5£ i thought i could give it a try, can anyone tell if its a fake, just super old, or whatever? I cant really tell, beside the fact that the box logo on the back is not in the usual font makes me think it may be a fake or just from a mega old collection? also i had never seen this design around before, so don't really know thanks

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need to get myself some new tees, looking for some in Medium from the brands listed above. show me what you got. Please not im in Italy so of course I'll pay for recorded delivery to here. Thanks

Started by [WTB] Supreme\UNDFTD\HUF Tshirts M , 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

lined, red or green colours, any brand is fine as long as it has a clean look and fits looks alright. show me pics of what you got and i might as well buy it. im based in europe. thanks

Started by [WTB] Coach Jacket in SMALL, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

100% legit, bought in London this october, barely worn, id trade for an herringbone one or might consider selling for a right price, id prefer europe based ppl but im okay with shipping abroad as well (of course postage would be higher) [Image] just ask if you need any more specific pics or whatever thanks!

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navy, or any other plain colour could be ok as well. bear in mind im from italy so count that in your price as well. thanks

Started by [WTB] Supreme canvas Camp, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

let me see what you got, plain colours would be highly appreciated. also please bear in mind im located in italy , if that may be a problem to us sellers, hope is not tho! not willin to spend more than 45$shipping included on this! also looking for an undftd coach jacket in small or medium , get at me! x thanks

Started by [wtb] huf five panel \ UNDFTD coach jacket, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel