WYWT fell off, last fit I saw that was good pages ago was TRUNKS.

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[Quote] lol its also funny that Tyler the Creator said this lol

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Wow. I barely post on HB anymore. I just lurk.... How weird is it that I saw someone gravedug my thread from 4 years ago, just about 2 weeks ago and started up a discussion.... shit is trippy as fuck... I actually was going back and reading all the responses and was genuinely touched by the HB community back in the day. Niggas really showed alot of love and respect. If your wondering why all my posts were blank its because back a few years (months after I made this thread) a girl found it and I quickly deleted all my posts on here. I wish I didn't would have been good to come back and reflect on how I felt about 4 years ago. Now let me try to help the kids that are depressed. I had an off an on depression that lasted about 2 years. It was caused by a lot of shit as you can read by people who replied: by girls, by my parents, by school, by a lot of shit in general. There were a lot of tough moments man, a lot of times, days or weeks I would contemplate why am I still living. Now a days I'm pretty happy, I dont really ever feel depressed (well long term on and off like I use to). What changed? Like a lot of people said working out does help I guess, but you have to find the root cause. I've read a lot into this the past for years and I can agree with a lot of people who have been depressed and now aren't what the key was to changing your life, and what was that key? It was becoming a man. Becoming a man means stepping up. Start going out with friends (if your friends dont go out find some that do), hit up bars and clubs on weekends. Party hard, holler at chicks, build a social circle, and group of girls that love you, start dating a lot of girls dont tie yourself down. At the same time on the weekdays work hard, dont do things half assed. Hard work and dedication isnt something you turn off, that means even if you work at mcdonalds do your job with some sort of integrity and respect. Lastly find your path, dont be afraid to try and fail different things. I was lost with school, I stuck with it and finished. I then took a year off confused on what to do next, and jumped into a post graduate program....I ended up really liking it, it created a career path for my life and has atleast given me some direction. Lastly in my concepts of being a man, is dont be afraid to give your opinion or express your feelings to anyone. I wasn't confident talking against my parents or family, but eventually you have to realize this is your life and your old enough to make decisions for yourself. I'm not saying talk to them disrepectfully but be confident in yourself and what you want to do, and tell them or anyone else in that respect when you are unhappy about something. DONT BOTTLE SHIT UP. Don't dwell on shit, or overthink shit its better to just go out and let it all out, trust me partying on the weekends is really key, socializing with random guys and girls, not to mention romantic moments between you and other girls will lift your spirits and make you feel more confident. I can go on but I feel like I wrote enough. Anyways this thread brought back a lot of memories. I love you HB fam. Peace. Cliff Notes: - Work out - Go out to clubs/bars and talk to girls - Date girls - Have sex a lot lol - Find a path (atleast career wise) - Take it from there - Be a man

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[Image] my iphone 4 takes out bad pics. im matchy matchy. fml.

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[Quote] WHAT BOOOTS PPL HELP ME HELP MYSELF LOL. ok im done with the caps now.

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yo i need to withdraw money from my paypal fast, looking for a realiable hb member i can send my paypal cash too, plus an extra 20 bucks and you can give me the cash in person and keep that extra 20 for the work of withdrawing the cash and giving it to me. pm or post nin this thread plz.

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Same here if your doing pick ups pm me. i live in canada, but you can just ship the cheapest method and ill paypal you like 30 bucks for about less than an hours worth of hassle/time. HOLLA AT ME

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hey im recieving legal letters from the karmaloops lawyers about my rep websites dennis, i cc'd you on my reply back to them, i dont want no legal problems all i was using the website to try and promote my repcode smh can you help me out here dennis?

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[Quote] answer me

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[Image] WHAT BOOTS lmao, those are some sexy boots

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anyone know what kinda glasses trey got on here? [URL]

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[Quote] not if im constantly shrugging with my hands up screaming "OF ALL TIME" lol no but i went out tonight most ppl knew i had a girl be taylor. it was kinda funny plus i wasnt planning to dress up it was last minute.

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