check it out bruhhhs

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"Donuts And Wolves"smokeyface Cop this shit if you have sense i am not even a fan of odd future but this is the best remix album i have heard in a while [Embed content]Domo 23 Remix Made By The La Producer Nye this dude is 17 but his productioin is solid [Image] [URL]

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Oops also for those who are more into electronic music you could also listen to aquamarine by him i don't like it since its at a higher tempo but here it is come in and post some stuff people i need some recommendations [Image]

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So as a break from the average kind of swag infused music i was wonderin if we could have some relaxed down tempo beats and some new tunes kicking around here this is my contribution: "A.M Transmissions" -Nye Nye I have been Listening to for a decent amount of time and this is one of his better albums this is my personal favorite to drive to but hopefully you guys enjoy it [Image] Sample: [Embed content] Anyone can drop some dope music in this thread just make sure it is relaxed and down temposmokeyface toro y moi is also always appreciated

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[Image] Bumping Nye. He is a producer out here from cali and i have mostly been listening to his chill shit honestly i recommend this to people who like to kick back and vibe with music Overall "Aquamarine" is a clean 8/10

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Left brain is not bad i will admit his production is good but honestly the same tired analog synths are getting played out

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