I've been wearing my Momotaro x Jiberish jeans daily for about 7 months straight, and then off and on for another 2 or 3 months. Only reason I stopped wearing daily was because I bulked up and put on about 30 pounds, so the fit is very tight right now (can barely button them up completely). Anyway, yesterday I decided to give them a wash and did so by soaking them in cool water and woolite dark in the tub for 35-40 minutes, and then proceeded to air dry them. This morning, I woke up and found them looking exactly the same (no difference really at all) and honeycombs had disappeared. I thought they would be softer after washing, but when I felt them they were super crisp and stiff, not to mention even harder to button up. Anyone know why they look exactly the same? I don't think I washed too early because before washing the fades were more pronounced. I'll try to get pictures later tonight, right now I'm in classes all day

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Whats up guys. Been packing on the pounds lately and have no use for these anymore. They do not fit me at all so I'm letting them go for cheap. Paypal only +4%. No international shipping unless you pay! Need these gone ASAP so if interested hit me up! Texting is the best/fastest way to get in touch with me 540-333-6754 Will provide more pics via request. BOTH SIZE 32 SKINNY FIT. BOTH WORN BUT NEVER WASHED. TONS OF LIFE STILL LEFT! INDIGO SOLD!!!, $50 for the khaki. [Image]

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Brand new only tried on once black Huf Rakim Tee from 2007, size large. These are pretty rare, especially in this condition. Looking for 65 shipped, plus 4% or gifted. Just trying to get my money back as it does not fit me too well. PM me if you're interested and I can tagged get pictures. Serious buyers only! [Image]

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Wassup HB, someone's gotta know something about this. What's the best way to bring back the color to the swoosh on these melvins? I was thinking fabric paint, but would that make the material look weird at all? Any help is appreciated, thanks! [Image]

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Sorry to post about this again, but I need to resolve this shit ASAP and this seems like the best way. @krayvin you need to check your PM's and talk to whoever you can about getting my shoes out. You barely keep me updated and it's getting frustrating. I've already escalated the claim on paypal because I paid you over a week ago. Either ship out the shoes or toss me a refund.

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Legit Check on these? Just double checking with you guys. Also, any tips on cleaning these would be greatly appreciated. I plan on just scrubbing these with a toothbrush and Dr. Bronners, let me know what you think. Thanks. [Image]

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Rose is SOLD. Paypal + 4% only. Priced to move, need this gone ASAP! PM me if interested. Split: BIN 160 [Image]

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Looking for the following in size 8.5-9, not DS: Dunks: Send Help Sea Crystal UNLV BTTYS Blazers: Milk Crate (Fly Milks) If you have any of these PM me ASAP!

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Does anyone have any info on this dude? First off, ban this fucker ASAP! No good scammer. I need any information you guys have on him. ANYTHING at all would be greatly appreciated. It's a shame we have dirty ass people like this among us.

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Trying to get rid of a pair of size 30 unbranded selvedge denim, very little wear, about 8/10 condition. Bought from the marketplace and they ended up being way too small. I'm just looking to make my money back so 35 shipped takes it. [Image]

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Looking for Nike SB Sea Crystal highs, not the mids. Size 8.5-9 only, any condition acceptable. PM me if you have a pair you're willing to sell.

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PM me if you have a pair of the indigo skinny's in a size 31. Ready to buy asap.

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Size 9 DS Supreme x Nike SB Dunks. Comes with keychain and extra white laces. BIN: 450 or just PM me offers and we'll see. [Image]

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Just as the title says, I need to shrink a hat down at least 1/2-1 size and get rid of that damn boxy look. I've done my research and have heard that showering with the cap on and wearing it until it dries will do the trick, but won't that ruin it? Thanks to anyone who can help out.

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You guys know what this is. Best piece of S/S '12 and sold out in under a minute. I tried it on once and it's just a bit too big, so here it is. Size large in the UCLA/Nuggets colorway, looks dope as hell in person. Cash only, NO TRADES. BIN: 180 + 4% if international add $10. PM me for quickest response. [Image]

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