Since my last cigarette. Feels good man. I honestly didn't think I'd make it this far. It was a day to day struggle for a while but now I feel like I can live without cigarette's.

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To Salute one of the greats. Lisa Ann has retired from porn. [Image]

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So this girl in my Creative Writing class wrote a story about a guy who falls in love with a prostitute. He's so in love with her that he can't stop thinking about their wedding and their life together. It was a great story.  The only critique I had for it during our workshop is that the idea that a man would contemplate falling in love and marrying a prostitute is not realistic and is fictious romance. The only other interaction the man had with the prostitute was a conversation of where he would put the money for her. The suggestion that the sex was SO GOOD that he had to marry her is unrealistic-foolish romance you see in movies.  Gay nigga chimes in- I see guys fall in love just from sex all the time Fat white girl- Plenty of men have fallen in love just for the sex Girl who I thought was pretty chill- It doesnt seem out of the ordinary, I find it pretty realistic I was baffled.  I asked this one chick I've been trying to get at since the start of the semester what she thought. She's like 25 (lol) so I thought she'd have a more mature response, and even she justified the marriage just for the sex.  Please HB restore my faith in humanity and the sanctity of love.  If you with a prostitute and she is the fucking bomb at sex. Head game A+, Cowgirl A+, Reverse Cowgirl A+, she always sticks it out when you prone boning, and she's down for it whenever wherever. Will you marry her? I repeat my niggas this is the only criteria. Do not add anything more to this. No communication, no emotional connection, none of that shit. She is great at sex, will you love her enough to marry her?  inb4 I think I fell in love with a pornstar, turn the camera's on, she a born star.

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I am not going to explain what happened, but my mom yelled at me over some petty shit and proceeded to corner me in the bathroom and punch me in the face. I'm not hurt or anything. I didnt even really flinch. I kinda just shrugged it off. I even had a smirk on my face.  But I feel like I should teach her a lesson. She was on her preacher shit tryna tell me why Ray Rice was evil not even two days ago bruh. Saying "Touching anyone physically is wrong".  I never really liked her either. I have some Don Draper-esque demons from my childhood that I am not going to expunge upon HB, but know I do not like either of parents at all.  They think I've never had a girlfriend. Real story I've told my two serious gfs that they should not even bother meeting those two. What should I do HB? Make an example out of her? Or let it rock?

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Remember this kid?  [Embed content] Got Life without parole. According to Ohio Police kid broke out of prison.  This shit is fucking crazy

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When a Cop puts a bullet in you and you all over the news, what do you think bill o'reilly is gonna say about you?  Young homie Mike Brown got shot and killed while holding his hands in the air unarmed. Kid was 17. This is what they are doing to him [Image] What will they dig up about you? How will they justify your murder?

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We got photos  [Image] and a 20 Page Manifesto..... DISCUSS

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I told myself in late May that Imma make this summer mine, be as productive as possible, and achieve as much as possible before my last year of Uni.  So far this summer I've lost 10 pounds running 2 miles every morning Got an awesome internship that I just got a concrete job offer for today  and fucked 2 cute girls and I'm currently laying the ground work for a third How's your summer going? What have you achieved?

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They at it again. But whats new?  What do yall think of this conflict?  For those who don't know this latest round of asymmetrical warfare began after peace talks broke down in May or April when Hamas who govern the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank made plans to form a unity government to better represent the needs and wishes of all the Palestinian people. the Israeli's werent for the unity government and told Hamas to beat it. Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago. 3 Israeli boys (One being an American Jew) get kidnapped in the West Bank, Hamas is blamed and their is a subsequent retaliation killing of a Palestinian boy who is burned alive, and the Palestinian kids cousin a Florida native is beaten to a pulp by the Israeli Defense Forces for partaking in the protests against his cousins death. Hamas began firing rockets from the Gaza Strip and Israel retaliated with precision air strikes that has now become a ground invasion on the land mass that is 139 square miles (4 times smaller than Rhode Island).  I personally couldnt give a shit about Wars and Conflicts and such, they have been happening way before I existed and they will continue on way after I am dead. My only problem with this conflict is America's undying loyalty and financial support to Israel. because they are our "ally". I pay taxes and my federal taxes go to Israel right to defend itself, and I dont see it as such.  What do yall think? NO ANTI-ARAB / ANTI-JEWISH POSTS PLEASE LETS HAVE A CIVIL CONVERSATION WITHOUT RACIST ABUSE BEING THROWN AROUND!

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Its just so sobering to see the homeless in DC.  I saw a homeless dude on Monday with dreadlocks all the way down to his knees and he was atleast 6'2 or above, with no shirt on jeans shorts that were torn and dirt stained walking aimlessly through Dupont Circle.  Yesterday was like monsoon weather in DC and I was driving home from work and saw a homeless dude carting all his belongings in like a rig shaw sort of thing. As he was getting closer and closer to the side walk I noticed a big ass puddle and within seconds a car comes speeding by him and splashes all the water on the dude and his rig shaw, I could hear the homeless dude screaming and cursing in anger from my car with the windows up across the street. Whenever I take the metro and get off at Foggy Bottom-GWU station there is always a disabled man in a wheel chair unable to speak but with a sign and a cup for change. On my way walking to work on K Street there is a man with a rig shaw and he sells thrown out antiques, books, and DC collectibles for tourists. Some of the books he had were Siddhartha, The Stranger, The Count of Monte Cristo and he was reading Tom Clancy's Hunt for Red October. In the evenings he finds shade by a tree on the bridge that separates Georgetown and Foggy Bottom, and he is sometimes watching something on his portable TV thingy.  Today though I saw where the homeless of Georgetown and Foggy Bottom live. from K street before you go into Georgetown you can see the Watergate Buildings, right underneath the buildings is an overpass and I saw a very very large sign that said "PLEASE HELP HOMELESS" and from my immediate estimates there may have been somewhere between 30-40 ppl living down there in that overpass. (It would make for an excellent picture, a symbol of American Political Scandals towering over the forgotten Americans, but I'm not a photographer....) I don't know if you guys have heard of Georgetown but it is the wealthiest of the wealthy areas in the DMV and to see so many homeless in such a dire need upsets me. But of course being the typical pussy American that I am, I'd much rather complain about it on an internet forum instead getting out there and helping them.... Anyway what the Homeless like in your city?

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This shit is too funny [Image]

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Wtf is Slender man?  Some 12 yearold girls are killing their friends for a mythical internet hoax? wtf [URL] [Image] Which one of you deep web niggas want to supply with the info?

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In the last hour of my life I've had 2 people snake me.  1) My pops did my taxes and I was getting some nice bread back. This down to two reasons, got a pay raise and worked more hours and financial aid from college tuition. I didnt pay for my tuition so I always knew I was gonna give that shit back to my dad. Moments ago dude sits me down in the study and tells me when the tax refund hits my account I have to cut a check worth 75% of my entire tax refund to him and I keep 25%. Even though my W-2 withholdings was nearly double the financial aid refund. smfh....bitch ass nigga 2) At my bday party on Monday night I declined the sexual advances of a somewhat close female friend. Walking to my car on campus earlier another female friend told me i dont have to stand alone and that i should be proud of who am I and embrace my sexuality. She was told by the girl i declined bday sex from that I was gay and too shy about it to tell man, i have fucked their friends yo! fuck these hoes mayne just cause a nigga doesnt want to fuck they gotta be gay? thirsty ass bitch.  Can't trust anyone out here. They will take your money and degrade you behind your back.  watch out for the snakes in the grass gentlemen.

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This will probably be my last post as i plan to coerce a sexually sadistic older women into mutilating my body after i buy her several drinks tomorrow eveing. jkjk, but im pretty stoked! my friends are throwing a party for me tomorrow night, finna turn the fuck up, legally! Shoutouts to momdukes, always lookin out for her baby boy Shoutouts to all my 93, niggas we made it Shoutouts to the HBSB  Shoutouts to Drewbacca and Revs and shoutouts to that old nigga Mayimbe

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Chill the fuck out with that shit. Tryna lurk during class and girl behind just sees a gif of alexis texas getting railed popup on my screen. not a good look.  you have two options link it with nsfw captioned or  post it in the various threads dedicated to women and their butts.  ffs

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