It kind of sounded weird how one guy could kill that many people. I read that he even lined students up and executed them... tackle him?

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They fit nice.

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[Quote] Heat depends on the shoe color combo and design, not how fucking rare it is.

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BRED XI Concord XI DMP XI Spacejams XI BRED IV

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That background info doesn't help much because the fit of APC NS is different from LVCs 47s. It depends more on your body type. Do you have muscular legs? Skinny legs? etc.. Don't size up by the way... they'll stretch out anyways. The only thing I sized up on was inseam. The thigh and hem is a little larger than APC NS.

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Cheap hoodies [B]Got some cheap hoodies here. All have been worn once except for the Kr3w polka dot.[/B] All are clean with no stains and no tears or loose threads. Each $40 shipped. Buy two $70 shipped. Buy all four $120 shipped! Paypal preferred. Kr3w Too Live Black Medium Kr3w Too Live Green Medium Soulful Commando Rainy Days Medium Kr3w Polka Dot Medium [Image]

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Thanks all.

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How safe/secure are they? I've always used paypal, and I have never used MOs over the internet before, but there are some shoes that I want, and the person only accepts MOs. The person has over 40 feedback on ISS, and I don't think he's shady. Can't they just receive a MO, cash it or whatever, and not send the shoes? Wouldn't I be fucked?

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[Quote] Because its an aesthetic.

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[Quote] Is that Golden Gardens? The bathroom is disgusting, I pee in the Puget Sound.

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Tenderloin [URL]

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I had a pair and didn't like the fit. The leg opening was too large for me and it was more of a one-wash than raw. It wasn't even selvedge. Save yourself 30-50 bucks and go with APC.

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I visit your blog often, got to give props to someone that actually updates their blog. And to top it off you got interesting pictures and videos. Keep it up.

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[Quote] Wasn't there a whole debate on them a while back about them not being selvage?

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[Quote] I just consider hypebeast a step ahead of ISS and NT, or I used to... Not just shoes and a t-shirt, but more. Maybe my expectations are too high.

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