I was hoping the fat guy would win :x

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[Image] Oldies.

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The album is a masterpiece, so much that I'm actually gonna buy it. Does anyone else feel Monster isn't up to par with the other songs?

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Not feelin' it. Maybe it'll grow on me after a few more plays..

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Blazer, new bag, a watch, money for books |0

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My dad is really interested in cameras, so I borrowed his whenever I felt 'inspired'. Now I have my own.

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Definitely liking Scott Mescudi vs the World, Maniac, and Mr. Rager the most from MOTM2.

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Can't believe Sammie and Ronnie are still together after her being all like "It's over I don't give a fuck anymore"

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Rewatching all of The Office

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Going into pharmacy. Soo.. a bunch of sciences and math hah

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My middle left speaker o.o

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I'm actually loving this. Hope to see some more from you *thumbsup*

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Black Rayban Wayfarers.

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Good stuff. I teared up just a bit tbh :x

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