[Quote] Thanks dudes... I lucked out on the Carhartt x Vans since they've been out for almost a year and I never even saw them on ebay or Flight Club since release... stumbled on a post on [URL] that they had limited sizes left a couple of weeks ago and contacted them, grabbed both in 10.5US... ask for Jack, he was able to get them shipped from the UK to US for a decent price. debs / duncan nice yeezy's... hoping to get the net/net ones coming out next month

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Carhartt x Vans [Image]

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when i first saw the commercial i did a little research into it too... the ad campaign had something to do with stars at different levels... JD is on top with his own record label... jeezy is an established artist with a good following who is expected to grow in popularity... and that mickey guy is (supposedly) picking up fans and starting to become a well known artist... what this has to do with a bootleg nextel service is beyond me tho.

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^yup, go to youtube and search "jailbreak + ipod touch"

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i dont think they'll be doing a pricedrop like they did the iphone too soon... probably months from now, but it was only released in october so unless sales are sluggish it most likely wont drop... the iphone was $599 originally then they dropped it to $399 to boost holiday sales... and since the itouch is essentially the same piece of hardware minus phone capabilities they would probably keep it to around that price for now now for reasons of owning it... i recommend it... i had a zune for the past year and even though it had more storage, this thing has more features... free internet if u can get a wifi connection, calendar with appointment features/alarms, a clock (which is something all mp3 players should have haha), and the simple wow factor of the touch screen

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as a side note to the sending song feature... it only lets the song stay on the other person's zune for 3 days i think, then automatically deletes... but they do have the option to buy the song before it happens... oh and i never found anyone else who had a zune to share with smh and if ur zune starts turning off randomly (returned mine twice for this reason), maybe its time to jump ship to ipod touch like i did smokeyface

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my zune finally crapped out on me and i was trying to upgrade to a 2nd gen zune (always get that protection plan kids)... but best buy didn't have the 80gb ones in stock... got the ipod touch and have been happy ever since

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happy bday dude

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if your "friend" is a kid who grew up in ny skating since the early to mid 90's and is supporting a shop that he used to frequent before it blew up and became a hypebeast staple brand, than maybe this would be ok... otherwise he is just a kid rocking a fake shirt for street cred

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oh man, i remember playing GBII all the time on NES and thought that was the shit... this looks promising

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true to size

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[URL] ^that is the monthly pick up post thread

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[Quote] I agree... only 1 song I had no problem picking up and playing on hard... then I tried doing some of my other favs, and I'm still doing practice mode on slow...

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That's my Robert... always pissing on people... don't forget her hair.

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I won't believe it unless he was holding 2 forms of government issue ID, and his grandmama was holding the video recorder, and Neal and 3 of my friends were there.

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