cheapist i seen is about 200

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every1 here got dope fits

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nice collection ajmj4eva but ur pics r not even tagged?

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this spider movies i think is gona be the best one out of all 3 imo

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any1 heard of this, i've been hearin rumors but dont no if its tru, if any1 got info post it here thanks

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i hate all these back to school comercails, they start like 1 month be4 school starts, they get on im nerves

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those hoodies are firee, they dudes lookin fresh

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both, which ever colorway that is hot from either, i buy

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nah i dont think its gona mess his game up cuz he is too nice, but hes gona look different for sure

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werd yo he is mad nice, y hate him appreaciate him

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