The Bay Area has a great scene, San Jose specifically. Breezy Excursion, Halloway, Cukui, Elusive, etc Black Scale, Pink Dolphin, Gram$, etc in SF. Things are looking up

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[Quote]made me want to DL all of his shit!

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YES! Both been doing their thing separately.. Now they will fuck shiet up

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bump! sorry for the late responses guys. i haven't been checking up on HB

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Looking to trade my 32 gb Verizon HTC One for a Verizon iPhone 5s. Will pay difference pm me if interested

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Got some cheap Upper Section shitty seating but shiet I'm in there SAP in San Jose October 22nd

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Every new freshmen list will just be rejects from the previous years, whether they deserved to make it earlier or not. Don't see why Sir Michael Rocks would make it since he's been around for a minute. Innovator of some a lot of shit we're listening to right now too If Casey and iamsu don't make it, I'd be surprised..

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I'm surprised Out Getting Ribs made the cut. That track is old but fucking amazing

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[Quote]I commute there too lol Not looking forward to starting again tomorrow fuuu

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The people hating on Doris are the same people that up voted Joe Budden and Papoose's response tracks to Kendrick

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[Quote]8.5 red golf wang vans syndicates:

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bump for HB

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dubs gonna get D12

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