Just got 2 quick questions for anyone who's been to Alife recently.. 1) Do they have the Sesame Street t-shirts in stock? 2) Do they have any winter accessories (namely beanies)? Thanks!

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You do realize that in less than a month, Kr3w is coming out with a polka dot hoody which in my opinion is 1000000x nicer than the 10 Deep joint: [Image] I still want my Deep Dots though tongueface

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Their kicks are all pretty much 50% off. I copped some gator skin low-tops for $79 tax-in. Not bad considering I went there expecting to dish out $150. Also, they have some new Wu-Tang stuff. It's not that nice. I was actually really disappointed with the shirts. The quality of the screen-printing was pretty wack if you ask me. Anyways, go cop some kicks guys. A store like Alife shouldn't be having a sale.

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Well I suggest you hurry the hell up: [URL] I missed out on the chukkas, sk8 hi's, but I managed to snag a pair of these. Copped a pair of 10.5's. Considered copping the 10's and 11's for reselling purposes but then I realized how much I hate resellers.. SO STOKED!

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Hypebeast, out of any message board I am a member of, has by far the *WORST* buy/sell forum. Why? Simple. Sellers are not required to post a price. This makes it *AGONIZING* for people trying to buy an item from a seller on the forum. Why is it so hard to make sellers post a price for the item they are selling? Is it because you guys don't have a moderator? I will gladly volunteer if it means that sellers have to start posting prices. It makes me sick seeing all these FS threads and the sellers simply posting "currently accepting offers". This isn't eBay. What do you guys think?

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Do any of the SB shops sell SB clothing in Vancouver or is it just kicks?

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Size medium.. $50.. never worn Sorry to make a thread like this but I can't think of another way to just target Vancouver hypebeasters.

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Anyone know if these are dropping in Vancouver? And if so, where can these be purchased? I'm fiending for some new Vans.

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Doing some latenight eBay browsing I noticed my man JJ had the jesus peice hoodies up for auction. I'd rather not pay $180 US so I was hoping someone would have some information on whether or not this brand is going to make its way into Canada. So whats the dil-dildo with regards to these hoods and this brand? Canada gonna be shown any love?

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And they got that oh-so-desirable chain gang hoody in stock (might be sold out by now, I don't know..).

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