BUY MY BAPE!!! Have not touched the hoodie or shoes since last year lol! Cleaning out some stuff I no longer wear. [B]PAYPAL ONLY![/B] If located in DC/MD/VA we can arrange a meet up. [B]Send me a PM only if you are serious![/B] Bape Kaws Crazy Camo sz. L offers start @ 250 BIN 320. Great condition!&) [Image]

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[Quote] I remember out here in Dc when a person had some skateboard shoes they would go on them until kingdome f'n come lol. Thats the current trend now. Vans and Dc's. My friends used to talk about me for wearing dunks because they said "they look like AF1's." Now people from dc rockin forces, Dc's, vans,and dunks. Im not going on you THISGUYIZHIP. Just stating truthsmokeyface And Whats wit everybody wearing them fresh prince hats now out here? Plus everybody want to dress like they from the 80's. The trends come in go out here. Thats why I dress how I been dressing. Plain and simplesmokeyface A

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I think im the only person on this forum who thinks the dinosaur dunks blowblinkyeyes But those green and black ones are a must have.

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Those are some of the weakest belts I have ever seen in my life. Big belt buckles = wack. Belts with colorful jewels for men = homo.

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[Quote] The dunks craze has not hit just yet. But I bet my bottom dollar it is next. I will continue to wear my dunks even when the craze is over out here because thats all i really wear(sneakers anyway). But dont dudes in bmore wear man capris lol??? I think bmore has been doing that for a long time now though. But in my area you WILL NEVER BE DIFFERENT. Unless you doing some off the wall crazy stuff. 85% of the kids out here are CLONES!!!

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ART OF FASHION taking over the streets of d.c. website coming soon

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[Quote] To be honest with you I have never seen anyone out in the mall or street with a stussy,hundreds,threadless,crooks or any of those copanies.I wear anything they dont sell in a store (t-shirt wise) in the city because EVERYONE looks the same. The girls fashion sense is soooo lame out here oh lord. They look like freaking walking picknick-tables lol. They call it vintage and i call it lame.Oh you can bet your a$s as soon as that major store opens you will see the sb/underground trend will start. All the dudes gonna start looking like the few of us that have been wearing dunks and underground clothing companies for years. I love going to pentagon city and people be like "were you get that shirt?" or "what kinda sneakers are those." But that will soon come to an end I bet?) But if you want to check out some FRESH stuff from a local dude. Check my friends site. Hott stuff.

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[Quote] Well looks like we need to swap out some discounts lol. Who needs a LCD im at circuitcity smokeyface

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What store is this you work at???

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Yea this movie was pretty wack. If you like softcore porn than its a must see. It had more random love scenes than action. I wish I could have the 146 minutes of my life back lol>smh

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I have been lurking on this forum for about 3-4 months now and mxwlpxwl I couldnt agree with you more. The Dc metro area are a bunch of hop ons. If you dont wear what everyone is wearing you are considered a "bamma." I remember when a black guy wore some skateboard shoes out here they would go on his ass like no tomorrow. Now bammas wearing skateboard shoes and vans. MrBrightside im not going on you but most of the people in the forrestville area are some cold bammas lol. You very well could be the only male with a fashion sense living around there lol. And i remember you bringing up whale as well. He will soon have everybody in our area on sb dunks. I been on dunks hard. I remember my mans used to trty to go on me and talk about im a bamma cuz i rocked dunks and didnt have any newbalance's lol. But you can only be different for so long before someone comes along and straight style jacks yousmokeyface

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