[Image] this guy is goin' for broke.. literally

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not who u goin' for, but who do you think is gonna take it. Personally, i thinks gonna be close but Obama is gonna win. tongueface

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I pains me, since I'm such a Merengue Fan, to witness this. But its true. Fuck Mourinho. [Image]

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Anyway i found these old beats i had made a while back, i dont even have time anymore cause of school. So I was wondering if anyone was interested. [URL]

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-______- solutions?

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anyone else got that problem? went in to nike town with my boy, he was buying some running shorts. Starting eyein' a pair of true blues on displays. I've never really fucked with jordans, although i liked the og models, but when i was more into sneakers all i wore were af1s and airmaxs. So this chick that works there aproaches me like.. we only got one pair left.. 11 1/2. Fuck, my size. Thats when the bug started bitin' , so i cawped. I got home, tried them on , turns out they dont look good on me + i dont know what to rock them with. Impulse buy. Now i gotta get rid of them -__-

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yes, they might not exist. but contribute.. If I asked you to have sex with me, would it be the same answer as the answer to this question?

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She's #1 this year.. Discuss. [Image]

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Get @ This. Tee size L, brand new. Deck still wrapped. Magazine Vol. 5 with posters & stickers. Ill throw in some box logo stickers. Want to move this as a bundle, willing to let good @ a good price. PM me for info

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Directed by Darren Aronofsky w/ Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Winona Ryder & Vincent Cassel. Out dec 3. Looks great, im catching a screening on thursday @ ftlauderdale film festival.

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[URL] [B]Sparknotes[/B] - Black dude gets called in for indisciplinary conduct and is about to get fired, says he feels discriminated @ work. Says he had alledgedly reported a paper with a noose and a racial ephithet hung in the bathroom of the factory and nothing had been done about it. When he's supposed to go in to sign the release papers (get fired) he kills 8 people & himself. Discuss

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does anyone know how their tees + button ups run

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[URL] I can dig it.

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i wanna check out some local attractions, ive already gotten some suggestions food: johns of bleeker street pizza La Mela , italian joint katz deli Im also gonna check out the MoMA, brooklyn bridge. also any spots i could go to at night? i hear greenwich village has a good vibe, maybe im talkin shit. thanks in advance.

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