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The Beach. It sucked.

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People are recommending German driver's cars (S4s, used BMWs, etc.) to your friend who just wants "a car" and isn't really into them? I drive an older Porsche 911 so it's not like I'm all about practicality, but when non-enthusiasts hop into them without understanding the care they take it can be a problem. I would say something more practical would be a good idea, or at least something cheaper so your friend can budget for maintenance etc. would be better.

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I would recommend you check out a local shop, at least for sizing on a bike. "Road" typically refers to a bike with a full drivetrain (anywhere from 18-30 combined gears) and drop handlebars, whereas as singlespeed or fixie/fixed gear will have one gear, and with a fixed gear you can't coast. Road bikes are better for exercise in that you can match your pedaling speed to how fast you're going for a more consistent effort and cadence. IMO the most important part of getting a bike is having a proper fit, because spending 2+ hours riding in an uncomfortable and potentially harmful position is bad news. Saddles are important but if you want to start riding a lot on the road, a good set of bike shorts helps.

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