I'm looking for a decently priced ($100 range) fishtail parka for the fall weather, any suggestions?

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I'm helping my friend start a clothing brand and i'm wondering where can I find the silky/shiny kind of material used on a lot of clothing tags & also which stores would print on lettering on those tags, thanks

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Looking for nice parka jackets for a decent price mainly around or below $100. Any suggestions?

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I ordered a diamond crewneck from this site a week ago via airmail and it says it'll arrive 3-5 days to Canada but has yet to arrive. Anybody experience shipping problems with this site before?

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Honestly. I'm 5'9 and I bought a medium hoping it would be the perfect fit but it fit like a baggy tall tee. How do I shrink them?

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This Supreme backpack: [URL] thanks

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anybody know where I can get Kobe V special colourways such as chaos, dark knight in Toronto for less than retail price? I know Today's sportswear had Chaos for $99, any place else where I can find em for like $130 or $140?

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i jus bought a new era on field cap and how do u get rid of the edge caused by folding the back of the hat to the front?

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