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is tony hawk not legally allowed to copy the joy stick controls skate had?  Cause why the fuck does he suck so bad at making fun skate games. http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/02/20/tony-hawk-we-are-working-on-a-new-game no one wants to put on a fucking suit and jump around in the middle of the room

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I'd be so damn hyped for a 4th one, pretty sure people tried coming together to get one made with no luck but god damn i want one.  still play 2 and 3 on the regular

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dont try using scissors to kill em or you just end up with 8 little ones crawling around

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Enfin Leve: Eurria hoodie from F/W 2012. Very high quality cotton with lambskin leather sleeves. Made in Europe. Had it custom sized but it is equal to a Supreme Medium, measurements:  Chest: 51 cm  Length: 66 cm  Sleeve: 75 cm  This is an original piece from Enfin Leve's first collection consisting of four pieces. They have grown to a much larger size and continue to make extremely well made garments. This hoodie is no where to found anymore.  The hoodie has been worn here and there but always kept in great condition. Has not gone through a washer/dryer.  RETAILED AT $400, ASKING $300 SHIPPED [Image]

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considering where 9/10 rappers came from, the fact that people assume a rapper would even have a good sense of style is fucked to begin with

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how much does this crewneck go for these days? [Image] rarely see it for sale anywhere.  And has anyone ever seen fakes from this collab?

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Been meaning to check out Gummo, heard its good.  Down to hear more recommendations for after that one

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Yeah I'm liking the songs and the sound with most of it but I feel like he didn't have as much interesting substance to it compared to control system.  Definitely feels like he was trying to appeal to a larger audience which makes sense from TDE's perspective.  Rapping a lot more about betting money and just typical braggadocios lines.  That twact song should be straight off a Tyga mixtape.  But I do fuck with it overall

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i've never given a fuck about this bitch.  not shit is special about her at all to me, don't think she's attractive at all and idk if people really even think she is hot or not

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[Quote]that nostalgic feeling of youthful hate towards kids that actually liked this shit

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The Wings+Horn's sneakers have the same sole but with some pretty soft leather and a padded tongue, I wear mine all day and they're fuckin great.  Haven't had a pair of achilles myself but would choose these over them anyday http://shop.wingsandhorns.com/collections/footwear/products/leather-low-top-sneakers-white-white-white-2

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Ab-Soul's These Days http://www.sharebeast.com/ife8ac3w4zjo

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The converse and boots of course look great, gats are a little too far gone but agree they typically look better over time.  Not into the airmax's or 3's, only jordan 1's look good to me over time as they get worn

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[Quote]alright good to know.  debated whether or not it'd act as a flag for them to stop and check how long its actually been

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