. so basically, u wanna hire a team of promo girls. give tha first few hundred birds in free, chuck in a drink promo and thats one sick night.

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. nice location, you at university?. yer that places is immense hmm the advert ive seen doesnt say where exactly it is, its only been on since the 1st of feburary so maybe it wasnt on when you went?

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. i was bout four and the first fing i did to my new born brother was bite him on the back. shit was tasty. 15 attacked the schools windows with a hammer then got chased by the P.E teacher on his bike. cant realy fink of much else o wel!

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. ok no one cares, but any rock fans might wanna check out the famous guitarists currently being exhibited at harrods. featuring electirc guitars from people like jimmy hendrix aswell as the first ever electirc guitar

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. well essex is about a 20minute train ride to london a house here is gonna set you back 150-200,000

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. i always cuff, even when their not premium, im pretty tall so i think it sorta breaks up my long legs

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hi all, new idea for this area, everytime you go,hear or see an event anywhere in england that intrestes you or may do others post it up, if you go say how it was and whatever. it should help keep people busy and aware of goings on. so parties,gigs, exhibits whatever post em up - curent exhibt at the v&a in south kensington london is all about 60's fashion.not very streetwear like i no but anyone into fashion in general appreciates the 60's so it might be worth checking. my girl wants to go so ill report back.

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happy new years to all. like many i was impressed wen seeing grn apple tree's new tees on the main site, and wondered where in england can i cop em or which european sites sell their products. cheers people

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. bullen - respect for the cardie, cant say ive seen one being worn on here before. but personally not feeling the colour, a darker shade of purple bit more masculine>? nuff respect neways

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. didnt even no america had chavs! burberry's a huge fashion brand so im surprised you missed it. im surprised to see it mentioned on here its always appered a lot more catwalk based to me.

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. yer pretty confident their fat joe's

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, just about to cop my first stabs when i see people wearing them they always look good so im just gonna try it. But the spot ima cop from have got them in a uk size 9 and uk 11, i normaly in dunks and air max 1's wear a 10, which would be better for me do ya reckon? i do they run small or big, or will their sizing b exactly the same to the other nikes i own? cheers

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. my local spot, has a few brands that might interest you [URL]

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. been asked soo many times and so many lists so try the search, but just quickly, size? footpatrol hideout, the usuals, also check out h&m and topman, well worth a look in

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. hut it smurf, the post wasn't offensive or dumb, considering you didnt correct or inform in your reply its obviously just pure hate for the sake of it. cheers clutch, yer the us gets loads before england and in bigger numbers it seems. info bout british drops seems to always b shady, thats why i was posting wot i herd in case it was of use to sumone

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