my collection, humble but i cop what i like. enjoy. [Image]

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anybody know where i can find black w/ white script alife tee "alife for alife"?

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ive been up to an 1 1/8" and im back down to 3/4" and have been for probably two years. I've taken mine all the way down to a half inch but have never really tried to close them all the way. my ears have been stretched for almost 10 years and the best way to get them to go back down is to stretch them up to get them pissed off and irritated and then let them close up gradually around smaller sizes and u can go down. there will probably be a hole still and they won't look "normal" but u can go back down if u stretched right without skipping and go back down slowly instead of just letting them go from huge to nothing.

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lunar: silver star story complete lunar 2: eternal blue (probably the hardest boss battle ive ever played, ghaleon at the end) final fantasy V,VI, VII, VIII, IX: havent played any of the newer ones xenogears chrono trigger vagrant story fallout 3

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id jus like to see undying have a reunion show. id be in nc in a second.

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b.i.g. - *****s bleed

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na, just not on the internet. forgive me.

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i haven't heard all of LAX yet but the recession was weak as shit. You listen to one track then you've listened to them all. And then it gets even worse when you listen to the songs with the guest vocalists. Only track I cared for was vacation. dude has peaked, and if he keeps rereleasing the same shit, he'll be gone quick. can't ban the snowman was his best shit and it was a mixtape. imo

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"can't rock skinny jeans cause my knots won't fit."

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wow i cant believe i forgot geto boys

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my 02 SS I totalled a few years back [Image]

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both lunar games...and xenogears

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what did you expect? straight to dvd.

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requiem for a dream soundtrack is dopeeee.

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