Come ups of the day:  $20 Ban's to replace my wayfarers this bitch lost over 3 years ago & $3 vintage tortoise shell frames  [Image]

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[Embed content]                                           Thank you all for being here tonight.... [URL]

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[URL] 100% original content. follow back those with the same

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"Popped a molly im sweattin. Whew!" Ignorance is strong with this one might just make it

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Didnt mess with him at all n im in SEA. After hearing this thou hes official the realest white rapper out right now. [Embed content] first step to killin off the bullshit is realizing it.

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came thru with the heat.

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I'm in Washington and this is dumb as Fuck. go head ann spark that blunt in front of the Cops but you better have an umbrella with you, cause your ass is gonna be bout that Metro life or walking your ass home cause them DUIs ain't no joke. SMH i got enough reasons to be pulled over don't need to add another.

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Striving for this nigga.... [Image]

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So the backstory on the female i hit up with this one is old homie was tryin to kill em so she kickd it every now n then. ended up seein her at a function bout a month back n shes talkin bout how it's been a minute we should chill. just said fersure gave her my number, hit her kickd it one time n blew with her n her homegirl. hits me again to kick it ended up sayin i was busy n thats that. two weeks later were at last night n after seeing the thread had to see if their were any Reggie Millers sittin on the bench. heres how the convo went with this female m: Ay what's up h: In Arizona lol m: oh fersure, real west is where is at NW weather is playin games right now. i just had a question thou h: ask away m: Since were both good looking why havnt we fckd yet? h: Because it's more than looks and i'm still hooking up with your best friend.... m: We don't even kick it anymore im doing my own thing and yea your right that just the initial reasoning. (doesn't respond for the rest of the night so i just call it a wrap and take the L come next morning thou she hit me with) h:Sorry my phone broke last night. (smh pls) h:why don't you guys kick it anymore? M:we started doin our own thing hes bout that dungeon life n im making moves. now that's no longer a roadblock whats good wit you i figured you were tryin to do more then just kick it. h: what do you mean dungeon life vs making moves? and in all honesty I'm just trying to figure myself out. I'm not into hooking up or a relationship and I really need to cut ties off with (other nigga), ya know? Lately, i'm just into chilling and getting to know people. (classic "i'm not a hoe" line. knew I had one foot in and out the cudi just depended on how i played the next one) m: damn idk you were tryin to cut ties with him like that. im just tryin to chill n get to know people too. so we should chill (this is coming from the same nigga who straight up asked "why havn't we fucked yet" just last night) h: idk it's like not healthy for me and it's getting annoying. But yes!!! I definitely wanna chill blushing m: haha fersure lets make it happen when you come back. John Stockton on these niggas. [Image] (3,265 career steals)

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The Olympic re-release is hard buts the OG blvck on red by far the dopest. [Image]

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Following back all the HB heads. [URL]

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Good Looks^^^^

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Their havin a sale up at Stussy SF and i need a ID on this jacket. they say it's from Spring 2012 but havnt been able to find it online. [Image]

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Not sure if I'm feelin the black chief. BS has done somthin similar and way better. the Chicago Blackhawks release from last year went harder.

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