title says it all.. i need these in my life!! http://hiconsumption.com/2014/10/timberland-stormbuck-waterproof-duck-boots/[URL]

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bought some supra trinities from him!! the guy was cool and pretty cute too!!thanks a lot!!

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my first car was a toyota tercel.. the clutch is broken and i never got it fixed..

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looks promising.. will defenitely check this out.. plus ryan reynolds is hot..

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[Quote] isn't it based on the guy who made facebook?

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i saw thise movie a couple weeks ago.. piece of trash compared to toy story.. i'll give it a 5/10

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[Quote] i agree.. i was expecting a lot more of the first episode..

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[Quote] his jacket is dope.. the suit is clean as well..

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i don't like toms i tried some on before and didn't like the way it fits me

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most people on't wear socks with boat shoes but i say you should wear socks no matter what shoes you wear

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dude visit the website i'm sure the have contact info there

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go with the pumas.. they're really comfy

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apparently they made a mistake.. i ordered and they cancelled it.. it was supposed to be 119 not 19..

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i always wear socks.. sockless is a big no-no..

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i'm guessing you can't afford these so you're looking for an alternative? i can't afford them either..

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