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[Image] Palace 5 just opened shop today at noon on 14th st. between Florida Ave and V st...store looks nice make sure everyone stops pass...oh yeah they have those AG decks for sale.

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New line for the ladies droping there spring/summer in a week or two,really nice stuff from what ive seen. [Image] kliqueclothing.com

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Spring line is now up for grabs at Concrete nyc,Apollo japan,KickBallers DC,AimCube in Paris,Kulture shop in philly,and we are also in a number of stores in japan,you can check us out at Fatboyd.com or myspace.com/fatboydclothing....

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[Image] Soon......

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Find the new 300 trailer,then you will need to slow it down some,and once you slow it down you will see rorscharce from the watchman standing in the middle of a city,the movie watchman is being worked on now......

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1)Justice league,which i think will be stupid if they dont get christian bale,and the guy who plays super man. 2)Stan lee has a horror film cmoing out,dont know the name yet 3)The departed 2,mark walberg will be the only orginal character in this one,it will take place with politics,instead of the police force. 4)The watchman,from the famous DC comic which pens real life people trying to be super heros. 5)Sin city 2,all i know about this one is that angelna jolie will play in it. What are your thoughts on these films.

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[Image] i was sitting on this for a while but never posted it.....For more updates go to my blog at. [URL]

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Not allowed on HB.

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Here you kids go,Pm me if you want full pic of the new Icecream sneakers....... [Image]

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Check it out.... [URL]

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