Photo Print Giveaway

As some of you know the Hidden family came through in an incredible way for me last night way more than I could of asked for. So I want to do something to give back too.  I had been planning on selling some of my prints to fund a new camera / Twitter link here - Willing to give a few 8x10 and 16x20s out to a few HB members. If you're interested just post in here and come Friday I'll choose a couple random people to get some prints. I'm not doing this for exposure or whatever I just can't believe what they did for me last night and really want to hook some other people up too. If you follow me on IG you can grab a print of anything I've posted on there too. ++++ forgive me for not putting this in the art section but want niggas to actually see this

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Halloween costumes vol 2015

What are you you guys going as this year? All my ideas are pretty uninspired at this point smh

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Visvim x Mastermind fbt shaman size 9

Paypal plus fees blah blah bin: 450 the zippers are removable also [Image]

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FS Visvim fbt size 9

UPDATED WITH PICTURES AT BOTTOM AFTER WEARING IN THE SNOW Paypal plus fees US only unless you add on for international shipping Size 9 lhamo  no box only the dustbag Bin: $290 [Image] [URL]

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Wtb medium box logo hoodie

Navy Grey or black. PayPal ready.

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FS supreme Hennessy jersey medium

Paypal only +4% I don't want any trades from 12/13 Bin 350 [Image]

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question for cali fam and other west coasters

Sup. So I travel city to city for my job and I'll be on the west coast this year. I have very limited experience on the west and was wondering if you guys could peep this list and mostly give me food suggestions for these different cities. I brought up Cali because I'll be there for an extended period. Feel free to make any comments about any other of the other cities. I don't be trusting Yelp and I've had a lot of shitty food in cities I didn't know due to a lack of knowledge. Thanks familia. [Image]

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wts yellow camo bape jacket medium

i'm not pressed to sell this jacket but another grail of mine just came across my path and don't have the cash for it right now. so if i can sell this for the price i want cool if not cool too. i'll leave this up for a few days and if no one bites i'll just take it down if you don't have: hennessy jersey, hockey top, or a black box logo i don't want to trade BIN: $350 + fees [Image]

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WTB Black Hennessy Jersey Medium $$$$

Get at me I'm paypal ready.

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WTS Supreme white bengals jersey small

+4% no trades 175 + 4% [Image]

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FS/FT Supreme Thrasher Coaches Jacket

size medium trades. looking for a hennessy jersey BIN: 250 obo [Image]

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Let me know if you have either in any color in medium.

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Get at me. Paypal ready.

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FS Burgundy Vans wtaps sk8 hi 9.5


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Vince Staples - Stolen Youth tape smokeyface  That track with Q is fire. I definitely see Mac on the production.

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