Totally Foolproof is a brand out of Minneapolis, MN. We just put our first release of Spring/ Summer 2012 up on our site. Here's some pictures of our "Driven By Instinct" tee. [Image] More releases soon. [URL]

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Hey yall whats good. A couple of friends and I started a little movement among people we know with all the different creative things we do. We started a tumblr to release our music and art on. We just released a song today. [URL] We only have on song up now, but there is lots of art up, and we have 3 albums in the work, so keep a look out! I'm interested to hear how you guys feel! peace.

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Hey guys, in recent months I've started to get really serious about beatmaking/production. I'm style trying to find a distinctive sound that works, but If anyones got any constructive criticism or comments just throw it out there. It would mean the world guys, peace. [URL] blushing

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These have been worn for a little less than 6 months and have been washed once. I Have not worn these after the first wash. I bought these on denim bar in July. I'm not really sure how to price these so these will go to the best offer I suppose. These are size 28 new cures, which is a more skinny fit of denim depending on your true waste size. I'm a size 30 and these fit me perfectly, after stretched a bit. I'm selling these because I simply got sick of the very skinny fit. If you are interested in buying these I'd prefer to be emailed at [email][/email] or Private message me on here. PS. Sorry for the bad pictures. [Image]

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Hey guys, I recently posted some of my art and design work on and an art gallery in NYC invited me to join their show. It's a 50 dollar entry fee thats not refundable, which sounds a bit odd to me. So basically I was wondering if anybody knew if this was legit? Or if anyone has ever heard of a scam like this on flickr? Thanks a TON, i gotta join fast so please try to respond asap. blushing

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Alright guys, I was really bored today and decided to add a div overlay to my myspace page. basically everything is good, except i can't find a good code to cover up the truth box/ comments. and i don't want a giant space at the bottom of the profile. aiight thanks alot guys, get back at me if you know how to fix this blushing click the link below to see what im talking about [URL] and yes, i know its css. typo.

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I just found out I have depression. Anyone else on here deal with it; and if so, how do you get it off your mind? Besides drugs, and shit like that.. I'm really frustrated lately, and i seem to be wasting my summer away by not wanting to do anything. Thanks guys.

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How many people in here skateboard just because it's a major influence of streetwear? tongueface

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Post some artists you know of that you think deserve more publicity. I'll start off with a MPLS local. His name is John Grider AKA Broken Crow. I found out about his shit recently when in uptown minneapolis. [Image] Sorry about the pic size haha. His shit is done ALL in stencil. Pretty remarkable if you ask me.

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How big are the series 3 DIY munnys? This is a HUGE help guys thanks alot in advance.

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I'm thinking about buying one, but they can get pretty expensive for a nice one. Are they worth it?

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[URL] These jeans are so HOT

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