Thats right give it up for Alexlude. Hes like HB's big brother. Hes never a dick and takes them flames like a champ. Hes truly an example of dedication and hard work. I mean come on have u seen the pics this niqqa posts? Dont errybody want some version of that. his wife or main bitch is fine and u know he got other ones. Alexlude is the man. u my niqqa sorry for clownin your ass before, u da man this aint no joke either &) love from southwest detroit all the way out to Laos or Burma or wherever the fuck ur from

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got his hands on some of my music cool story bro

Started by Big Sean Anderson, 2 Weeks ago in Music

Help please, cuz they want me to tell them my objective and thats obvious to get cash but i dont know what to say

Started by Resume Help dis is BS, 2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

nah im playin but do you think thats possible? u know for naming his label or whatever Maybach Music Group

Started by Rick Ross sued by Maybach, 2 Weeks ago in Music

these boards are gettin 2 real all alliances are gettin broke, mods crackin down on us, raiding threads, this can mean one thing only fap sesh

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will amber rose be dating next?

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his daughter is bein a freakin hoe!

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milk to cereal ratio u think? i like 2 parts cereal 1 part milk but it depends, with cereals like cocoa pebbles an fruity pebbles i like a 1 to 1

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all rappers gettin new bitches [Image]

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i havent heard anything like this in a loooong time he is THAT nigg@

Started by Kendrick lamar, 2 Weeks ago in Music

sorry if this has been asked but whats the most quality and best fitting tee they offer? and how do they size?

Started by AAA tees, 2 Weeks ago in Fashion

who here has taken v cards from chicks? i just did last night for the first time. its a wierd feeling almost. idk its like a super sin compared to fucking chicks who are already hoes. but i did hit it from the back ;)

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in your neighborhood? like local cats who are hot around you. this dude stretch money spits fire, hes dope as fuck.

Started by What do they listen to.., 2 Weeks ago in Music

has anyone here tried on 501's and 6" timbs? i think im gonna get a pair but dont know if theyll fit right. i dont want the leg to go into the boot

Started by 501's with timberlands?, 2 Weeks ago in Fashion

you ever had a t shirt that like flowed off your back? i dont know how to explain it but it doesnt fit you your back. how can you prevent this?

Started by Wierd fit, 2 Weeks ago in Fashion