Throws puppy off cliff dead or alive its fucked up

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Who do you think will win

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Does anyone here know how to modify a blackberry 8820. if so please help me out thanks.

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R.I.P =(

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My link is in my Sig but i will just put it here alos am starting this just because i have never seen it done and i think its a good idea if some of you haters don't want to just don't bother replying. For those interested send me an add on Myspace and you know the deal i have it on private so you none outsiders jack Yo shit. And you know the deal just leave your pic and check back for comments. Thank you

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Which one of these 2 brands do you think will sell more DVS Jdub X Diamond Or Huf X Nike AM X 90's [Image]

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Europe Nike got it a month early.. [Image]

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[B]This was at the Vma's I mean i like Kanye but this is on another level!! WATCH THIS VID!![/B]

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