So me and my niggas been arguing who really shouldve won this fight, some of my friends think the asian guy won [Embed content]

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Ok so about a month ago i applied to a bunch of random ass places in hopes to land a job, this afternoon i got a call from one of the managers at the store (sounds hot over the phone) telling me to come in for a interview tomorrow.  Anyone worked at this lame store? If so what where the questions asked and what to expect during the interview? I would of posted this earlier to get some more answers but i just came from the gym to get my last minute lifts in for tomorrow. Any help is appreciated HB fam.

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Ok hb fam need some insight, im going to my first hotel party this weekend and just wondering if anyone here can tell me what to expect, in terms of setting, vibe etc. Ive been to clubs and all that before just not a hotel party for someone bday. Any tips on how to get my dick on a girls shoulder will be greatly appreciated.

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Anyone who ordered from MrPorter before have any experience with their brokerage fees? How much $ should i expect to get raped?

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[URL] 13:30. i want this bitch, sucks she getting dicked down by a bunch of nerds

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Am i the only one who feels slightly intimidated when they see an attractive girl with tattoos? Like i dont have any and probably will ever have any (not about that life).<br><br><br>

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So last night i was faded at a party and this song came on, all i remember was "uno dos tres" in autotune. It sounded sick pretty sure it was a R&amp;B track

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