@kanyewest says:

"Me and jay bout to drop a 5 song album called "Watch the Throne" [URL]

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Shot a videooooooo..........

[URL] Let me know what you think

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Early 2000 Jamssssssssss

Throw out all tha early 2000 jams and sheeeiittt.... 2000-2006 mainly [URL]

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MARS....Listen to me rap a bit....


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97 Accord... Help

By the looks would this car be a decent purchase? [URL] Im going to test drive it tomorrow

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Houstalantavegas ... 10x doper.

[URL] smokeyface

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MARS - Cold World (Video for song I made)

What up HB, just shot a video today for this song I made called "Cold World" shot this in downtown Richmond, VA if it looks familiar.. [URL] feedback would be appreciated

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Men's Panty Cult

ahahhahahahahah came across this randomly while looking for polo boots on amazon for some reason: [URL]

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T-Pain can kinda spit....

[URL] I was impressed..

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Xmas Lists

Whats on yall christmas lists' n*ggaz??

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The Wire

Was the shit.. I miss it. Where can I watch episodes online at.. Help a brotha out.

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Gangsta New Mexico Soccer Player

[URL] She was going so hard the whole game,lol.

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[WTB] Vans Peacoat Chukka LX BLack

Size 9-9.5 [Image]

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Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta Demo

Discuss the greatness. This game has already gotten like 14 perfect reviews.

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Random Text

Whats some shit I can randomly text this whore to make her like me more without having to start a useless convo. |0 *edit, Bravo

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