I cant seem to find shit on how to properly unlock an Iphone,I know someone on here knows how?

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Why isnt there a thread on Future yet? A1 FREEBAND GANG [Embed content]

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Cant decide STI -6spd -More comfortable -Weaker engine -Better sounding exhaust note -Crusie control -Evo -5spd -Better seats -Better looking than the STI -No cruise control -Stronger engine -Higher insurance

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Like deadass there's a thread on syrup atleast once or twice every two weeks,I dont get it fam. Niggas acting like lean is new or something B,oh yea I forgot A$ap Rocky put these little suburban kids onto to this shit.

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Go to this chicks twitter and scroll until you get to the screenshots @BigLeeeesh,this dude is looking pathetic begging for his girl back and shit haha Lol were etherin this nigga on Twitter,go in HB @ScottyHagmann1

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I was reading an article on Blogxilla about "How Long Should Sex Really Last",and one of the comments was from a nig that claimed that his broad pressures him to give her "marathon sex" so he would pop Viagra to keep a boner for hours without going soft. Like wouldn't that shit be painful,my dude? anyone tried it,if so how was it?

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[Embed content] Dudes kinda like a more Trill,spanish version of A$ap Rocky,milaughing with a little Dom Kennedy,im feeling his flow and beats.

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[Embed content] I vote Adriana Lima,this woman is damn near PERFECT just based on looks,but the accent just pushes her over the top for me. Most beautiful woman on the planet? Maybe,but who in 2012 can compete with this woman?

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Smh and to think some of you pinoys complain about but your retail jobs that are oh so "hard" or not being grateful for what you have,but anyway doe. How the fuck am i going to adjust my sleep schedule for a 7pm-8am shift,in three days and make it through smh. its going to be cold as fuck working in a unheated hanger fixing machines all morning,whats the most you've every worked in a week?

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I'm in the process of buying a car myself for the first time,but there's one problem. I'm stationed in Louisiana but the car I want is back home in VA,can I send my buddy at home the loan check,let him buy the car and register and insure it in my name without me being there,or would he have to register and insure it in his name,and do a title transfer down here in L.A,if that's even legal,he's going to drive the car down since we plan on kicking it in Dallas for his upcoming birthday,so that's not an issue.

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Epic in 1080p http://youtu.be/xUJhHCpfHIA

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So me and one of my homegirls got into a argument in the car about who the best singer of the 2000's was,she sided with Beyonce and I voted Christina as one of the top 5 singers ever and Beyonce isn't even in the same league as her even if she is more relevant and successful. discuss [Image]

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I love and respect women but I'd slap a broad if she tries to go hard like a dude and punches me in the face more than once. WBU

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So basically the premise of this thread is to post up the # and a backstory of whoever is pissing you off and let HB nigs go in,troll,and exact alittle revenge and post up any funny responses we might get. I'll start it off This bitch witha boyfriend keeps trolling and sending me pics everyday,bitch gave me her # oneday when I was eating with some friends,I was trying to smash at first since she seemed like a easy nut until she brought up the fact that she has a man.I told her to either let me smash or leave me alone,but the bitch just keeps sending pics and texting me,I feel like this bitch was using me for attention or some crazy shit so HB nigs go in. [Image] 804-714-9248 804-731-5725

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