Detroit will win three titles in one year if only the Lions would win a super bowl. If the Lions won then all the other clubs just wouldn't let themselves be outdone lol

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Peyton Manning does it all. Michael Vick will get a super bowl one day.

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Desert camo is the shit

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Salvador Dali is really well known and weird

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All over Michigan deep in the woods there is a college party

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Wow this thread is huge. I always thought about starting a shirt company1

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kid cudi songs sound like valium

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good flow sick rips but stale lyrics be original

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not big on skulls, there's too many skull shirts

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I only saw the first few episodes and I don't know how they could have dragged it out this long after he did so much shit. It should just be a show about him in prison by now.

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Can't see the image

Replied in Would you wear this?, 2 Weeks ago in Arts There are plenty of websites that offer complete courses in all those subjects. I use to know a really good one but couldn't find it. I'm sure if you did not searching though that you would find plenty. Also colleges are now offering free uncredited online courses that you can find.

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I like the song but I really think they owe Bone Thugs N Harmony some royalties for using their style. I'd really like to see a comeback of that rapping style though. What do you think?

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One day the Detroit Lions will actually win a super bowl. One day.

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